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It’s My Party – Gifts for your Lady Love

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/08-Drake-Ft.-The-Dream-Shut-It-Down-Prod.-by-Omen-40.mp3|titles=08-Drake Ft. The Dream-Shut It Down (Prod. by Omen, 40)]

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday by eating fresh prawns on the beach in Mocambique, and dancing all night in a pair of Balmains. Since everyone has birthdays, and you’ve probably not noticed the many times she’s said she wants the new Tom Ford perfume or tacked pictures of that perfect bag on the fridge, here’s a foolproof list of amazing birthday presents for your lovely lady.

1. Chocolate. Of course, but not just any chocolate. Move away from the regulars Godiva and Lindt and head to Vosges Chocolate by Katarina, voted, several times over, as the best chocolate in the world. Not only is the website absolutely delightful (and very user friendly), but the chocolate is really, to die for.

My favorite is the Exotic Truffles collection inspired by Katarina’s world travels  – with mouth-watering ingredients like curry and star anise, absinthe, and gianduia and with names like Wink of the Rabbit and Black Pearl, these are sure to cause heart palpitations and maybe a bit of drooling. $40 for a box of 16 truffles.

2. Shoes. When The Weeknd sings about leaving her heels on in the bedroom, he’s not referring to PayLess . If your girlfriend takes your breath away, then its time to head over to Holts and pick up a pair of shoes that will leave her breathless. Of course, the only designer worth mentioning on this occasion is Monsieur Louboutin himself, the creator of sex masquerading as heels. Think I’m kidding? Just wait till she slides on a pair of the Maggies (below). Lucky for you, he’s just opened a Canadian online boutique. Try not to look at the price and remember, she’ll be wearing them with nothing else on.

3. A Dinner to Remember. Has she ever tried black squid ink pasta at Josos on the Danvenport? Or looked out over the city at night from Canoe, atop the downtown TD Tower? Maybe she’d go for the horse sandwich with foamy foie gras from the Black Hoof on Queen West. Whatever her taste, surprise her and make it elegant, exciting and new – everyone loves a great experience. Always order a glass of (pink) champagne (if not the whole bottle) to toast her day. A dessert with a candle is a sweet touch.

4. Jewelery. Maybe you’re not ready for a diamond, but you would like to make her gasp and smile and clap her hands, while you drape something exquisite across her neckline. Kristin Goss, who’s work I first spotted at The Oyster Box Hotel in Durban (also known as the hotel in which The Royal Family from Monaco recently honeymooned), is a London designer specializing in semi-precious stones in amazingly fresh, nautical colors. She always has a fantastic sale section on the website, and the seasonal pieces are handmade in settings of silver and gold. I swoon.


5. Flowers. Please, no carnations, Charlotte’s version of  ‘filler flowers.’  And let’s move away from red roses, its her birthday, not Valentine’s day. What about something delicate like lavender, lilies and blush teacup roses? Birds of paradise make the list, as do lilacs, chrysanthemums and if you can source out some cherry blossoms, or South African fire-pokers, good for you. All this means, of course, that last weekend’s bouquet from Zellers wont do. A good florist is hard to find, but the results are always magnificent.

Above all, never forget a card. There’s nothing better than knowing you took the time to write something sweet. Just signing ‘Love, X’ fails miserably. If you’ve never been a poet, look up Nizar Qabbani. He’ll help you right along.

Happy Birthday!




  • Anonymous

    You continue to impress. I absolutely love this! I have always believed in the symbolism embedded in gift giving. I just hope to come up with a new gift for an old girl and a familiar smile.

    • Claravaz

      Thanks! Thats really sweet of you. I figured I’d do a double since it was a couple of birthdays recently… trying to drop the men’s version soon! ;)

  • Chris Elliott

    Clara! This was, by far your best piece ever. I was sooooo impressed and also inspired! My girlfriend gets treated like a queen on the daily, but this precious array of creative and tasteful treats definitely gave me some valued insight. You’re such a class-act and every time you release something, it shines through. Thank you for being so wonderful with your words. I truly appreciate it. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

    I am going to keep this around so I can find it the next time I need to get a birthday gift for a loved one. Haha great post!

  • Dutchmaplelief

    OMG that chocolate looks sooooo good!! Why is there not a store in Toronto?!

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