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Is Anybody Listening?

The music industry in the 21st century is dying. It is dying a sad, slow, drawn out death. There are  very few  artists that retain any kind of creative control over the music they make. Most contracts entail advertising commitments and content clauses. Artists are taken, and whisked away from their original intents (usually to make music creatively and freely) only to find themselves in a place where the songs that they sing, write and perform are bound by a host of legalities. The conception of this exact problem is what has birthed so many of the irritating, manufactured and redundant songs that you cringe at the sound of on the radio. Without naming anyone in particular, I’m sure most of you can hazard a guess as to who I’m talking about.

This problem, is not genre specific. Recently it has been represented in virtually every form of mainstream music created. It ranges from hip-hop, boasting songs filled with lyrics about guns, promiscuous women and drugs, to pop songs relentlessly ridden with young pre-madonnas whom can thank audio enhancing software for their careers. The biggest problem of all is the fact that for every 1 mainstream, commercialized, factory fabricated pop star that the industry produces, there are 5 original, talented, real artists that just need to be given a chance.

Music is like fashion. It exists in everything. That’s why it is so important… so crucial, that we as listeners take the time to notice and appreciate the ones that are making a difference, and help to support them.

Below is a few of the most talented, yet unsung artists in the Music Industry today:

Ray LaMontagne

Ray LaMontagne – You Are The Best Thing


Stalley – Babblin’


The Black Keys

The Black Keys – Hoochie Coo (Featuring Jim Jones and Mos Def)


Sade – Soldier Of Love


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