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Inspiration: Woody Allen

Woody Allen is by far, hands down, with no further argument, all parties accounted for, the best director and screenplay writer of all time…. In my humble opinion. This post may be a tad out of context, however I was watching Manhattan the other day, and it hit me; no director will ever match this man’s incredible and inspiring body of work.

Woody catches an extrodinary ammount of flack from critics and fans for his… questionable personal life. Those same people however, fail to remember what the man did for cinema. Woody pioneered the very context in which most romantic comedies are shot today. He bravely, honestly and passionately approached the topic of romance in the mind of an inner-city intellectual like no one ever will.

Although his movies are filled to the brim with (what some will argue as self indulgent) dialogue, his themes, concepts and scenarios ring true every time. In movies like Annie Hall, and Hannah and Her Sisters,  Woody honestly and openly reveals the inner thoughts of the adult mind; both sexually, intellectually and emotionally.

The last few movies he wrote and directed (althought mostly overlooked by critics) have been masterpieces in their own right. His latest film Whatever Works (starring Larry David) delves into the mind of a hopeless genius, who is ridden with paranoia and hypochondria. It was released last year, and was instantly one of my favorites.

Woody Allen will always have a place in my heart, and while he’s still alive and well (despite his beliefs) I hope to see much more of his genius, translated through film.


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