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Inspiration: Wiz Khalifa

Being a tad obsessive compulsive I’m constantly guilty of being frustrated. I hate making mistakes, I hate upsetting others, and I hate sleeping on a good rapper. Yes, I despise being another Johnny-come-lately when it comes to the next big thing in hip-hop. Usually I’m ahead of the curve, working tirelessly to convince my friends about who’s the future fly artist. However, when it comes to Wiz Khalifa, I am admittedly exiting a delayed flight.

Cameron Jibril Thomaz; AKA Wiz Khalifa; AKA “Successor and Wisdom”; AKA the Taylor Gang general is a human movement and musical force. This admitted army brat and Pittsburgh pirate entered the game five years ago, and thanks to his grass roots effort, he’s been initiated into a league of extraordinary gentlemen. A certified member of the leaders of the new school Wiz is changing the game one plane ride at a time.

At first I was hesitant to give Wiz a chance. I’ve seen him showcased around the net for years; however, his overall youngster appeal led me to think little of his ability to flow. I’m happy to admit I was wrong. Wiz Khalifa is not only a definitive microphone controller, he’s also a decorated example of what hip hop is becoming. To be successful in the twenty-first century of rap there are certain qualifying factors: Your flow must be liquid; your internet presence relentless; your music videos HD; your style, your own; and your mixtape game “exclusive”.

Wiz has both checked off all of the above and added a few of his own. He is, in addition, a brilliant business man and successful workaholic. I literally no longer find a reason to hate on the kid. I’m happy to endorse him, but I’m also pleased to support him and his Taylor Gang venture.

Favorite Music Video: The Statement

Must Listen Mixtape: Kush & Orange Juice

Must Buy: Original Classic Tee (White)

New Material: Black & Yellow


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