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Inspiration: King Fantastic – Why? Where? What?

Thanks to the triple-W I’ve recently been introduced to a new subculture within hip-hop known as… “Westcoastsynthesizerbeachbumgangstermusic”. A genre so exclusive it is home to only one artist, the King Fantastic.

Having recently released his debut album “Finger Snaps and Gun Claps”, Fantastic and his collaborators (Killer Reese One and Troublemaker) have provided fans with some of the best digital wax on the web. Not since Eric “Eazy-E” Wright has the West Coast produced such a lyrical pitbull!

Vulgar, Visceral, Addictive… these are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when thinking about the aforementioned album. However, King Fantastic has a lot more to offer than just mind-altering-audio. His website (Click Here) offers a wide array of gifts and must buys. From free downloads to custom made artwork the ‘gangster who never left’ has something for every cutting edge rap fan. However, my favorite selections have to be his videos.

Being a member of the music video era I was caught off guard when I first saw the music video for King’s lead single “Why? Where? What?”. Taking a page from the Steve Soderbergh book on moving making, Fantastic employs adult film star Kristina Rose to rap his verses for him. Almost X-rated, this artistic masterstroke should at least stimulate some interest amongst my male audience. So without further ado let us raise our glasses and toast the lost art of killing.

The man himself... King Fantastic

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/King-Fantastic-Why-Where-What.mp3|titles=King Fantastic - Why? Where? What?]


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