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Inspiration: Kanye West – See Me Now (Featuring Beyonce and Uncle Charlie Wilson)

I have listened to this song about 1000 times since I got it last week. For anybody who is feeling good, after a long while of feeling bad – I urge you to listen. At the end of the song Kanye says “I know what you thinkin’… this that Yeezy we all love”, and it’s absolutely accurate. Many of Kanye’s fans have grown so close to his music due to it’s uplifting and soulful nature. This song puts that emotion on full display. It is positive, uplifting, nostalgic and innovative all at the same time. Beyonce and Uncle Charlie Wilson’s respective appearances on the song only add to the soulful depth. 

I know that you can See Me Now. 

See Me Now (feat. Beyonce & Uncle Charlie Wilson)


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