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Inspiration: Just-In-Rhymes

What does hip-hop lack? Who will fill its depressing void? Oakville, Ontario native Justin “Just-In-Rhymes” Howitt gladly answers these questions and more on his debut album: Willing and Able.

Growing up an avid fan of hip-hop, (as well as many other genres), Justin adopted a strong appreciation for lyrics, rhythm and overall composition. He started casually rhyming in his early teens, and quickly noticed that his afterschool specialty had become a ventilation system for his problems. With a strong willingness to express his true emotions and unbridled opinions he became more and more serious about recording music.

His selective instrumentals and lyrical direction separate him from the masses, while still maintaining a sense of honesty with his audience. Justin never tries to be something he’s not, and he fearlessly continues to challenge the face of mainstream hip-hop. His lyrical ability far surpasses a large amount of his peers, and the depth established in his songs sets an excellent example for MC’s everywhere.

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Willing and Able EP Downlaod Link

My favorite tracks off “Willing and Able”, are as follows:

Just-In-Rhymes – Magic Man (Feat. Info)

Just-In-Rhymes – Magic Man (Feat. Info)

Just-In-Rhymes – I Can’t Win

Just-In-Rhymes – I Can’t Win


  • Brian

    I’ve been listening to I can’t win on repeat almost all day! I’m hooked!

    • Justin

      thanks homey, you guys are doing well with your line up dude. i wanna get some apparel!

      much love, always lovin feedback.

      wait till the new cd…

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