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Inspiration: Jim Jones

I find inspiration’s easy to come by. Whether it is a movie or a bottle of cologne I always find a way to uncover an object’s beauty. That’s something I come by naturally; an eye for talent is that which I’ve been blessed with. However, one thing that I’d love to learn, increase, and develop is a mind for business.

Now there are definitely some leaders out there that I love to follow. From the fictionally ferocious Gordon Gekko to the boy billionaire Mark Zuckerburg, these are the type of men who inspire success. A surprising inspiration in this field is Jim Jones. No not the Kool-Aid cult leader, rather the Executive at Entertainment One.

When I came home from Africa in 2004 my friend Bret introduced me to the musical movement known as Dipset. Dipset was a Cam’ron lead venture backed by his boys Jim Jones and Freekey Zekey. Initially I followed it for Cam’s lyrical efforts, but soon I began to take notice of the man behind the scenes. I came to learn that Jim was under the tutelage of music mogul Dame Dash. Jim was becoming the guy behind the camera, behind the projects, and front and center in the boardrooms.

This supposed Harlem hoodlum was fast becoming an A&R, director, fashion icon, sports manager, and all around entertainer. Jim began as a music video jokester slash boardroom gangster, but in time he has become one of the most soulful lyricists in rap. The hip hop king of twitter and current face of Converse, Jim Jones is a man always in control of his public image.

In reality he is a father and a friend. He is exactly what I want to be: A boss in the office, a man loyal to his friends, and good to his woman. Jim Jones is the type of inspiration too few have taken notice of. Cheers Capo!

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Jim-Jones-Blow-Your-Smoke.mp3|titles=Jim Jones - Blow Your Smoke]


  • KWgirl

    Not generally a fan of Rap, but I liked how you personalized and explained why you like Jim Jones. Who knows, maybe he has a Christmas song I will like:) Great article! BTW…Happy Birthday

  • Jon.Godfrey

    Thanks Mom! And he does have a whole X-Mas album!!! However, I don’t know if the concept of hustling is going to fit into your yearly festive mix CD. I love the love, and I love you Mom!

  • jonathanleebrock

    Hi KWgirl, It’s Amanda’s Jonathan, I want a copy of your Christmas album this year! Jon, Great piece!

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