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Inspiration – INFO

Rap. Hip-hop. Emo. Alternative. Electronica. These are just guesses, because frankly, I don’t know how to categorize the genre of this mans’ music. I’ve known INFO ( aka Adam King) for most of my life, and throughout the years I’ve witnessed (first-hand) the impressive progression in his musical endeavours. INFO began recording hip-hop songs in the early 2000′s with friends from highschool. Perhaps at first, his creative outlet was just a hobby, but in 2010 it is crystal clear that he was put on this earth to make songs. When I say make songs… I mean that in the most literal sense possible. One of the interesting things about INFO is the fact that all of his music, is mixed and mastered by him. There aren’t too many artists (especially independent artists) who are capable of not only completing the mixing/producing process, but making it sound excellent. 

Working from just a home studio, he bangs out professional quality instrumentals, complimented by deep and well thought-out lyrics. Though his songs are always unique, there is always one common theme: Experimentation. You will never hear the same song from INFO twice. He continuously releases music that stretches the boundaries of what (by the masses) is considered Hip-Hop. I advise listeners to pay attention to his crisp delivery and impressive vocal range. 

Returning from a brief hiatus from recording INFO has released a few new songs for his cult following to decode. New material can be found on his blog, which is updated periodically. You can also listen to streaming Mp3 tracks and keep in touch through his facebook fanpage.

Below you will find a couple of my personal favorites.

“Step into the mind of a mad man” 

Good For (One Evening)

INFO – Good For (One Evening) 

Jukebox (On The Train To Dartmouth) 

INFO – Jukebox (On The Train To Dartmouth) 


  • John Gerontzos

    DAMN! I was expecting something MEH and got UGH! This kid has talent man, I’m definitely gonna check for his past, present and future offerings. Great post my man, thanks for hipping ya bwoy on someone new!

  • Chris

    I’m glad that you like it brother. He’s a really talented dude, and this is only the tip of the INFO iceberg TRUST ME!

  • Brian

    I haven’t herd anything form INFO in a looong time!!! This shit is awesome! So impressed. His lyrics are so smooth and his style is so consistent.

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