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Inspiration: Fefe Dobson – Stuttering

I’m not a top 40 guy. I never have been, and I likely never will be. I find that most music pumped out of the mainstream pop machine (aka contemporary radio) is shallow, unoriginal and completely lacking in creativity. The really sad thing for these artists, is for the majority, they have little-to-no say in what is released. However, Fefe Dobson’s latest hit Stuttering is a definite exception.

I had the pleasure of listening to this song before it was released to radio, or even selected as a single, and upon the first listen I knew it was a hit. Being a songwriter myself, I have a soft spot for well thought out lyrics. This song is a perfect example of just that. Understandably, everyone has a different opinion of what makes a good song (lyrically). For me, it has everything to do with consistency, flow, and wit. Fefe’s lyrics in this track uniquely paint the picture of a dishonest and unfaithful guy who can’t get his story straight. The 3rd verse stands out particularly for me, when she mocks her infedelitous boyfriend’s stuttering, by using repetitive syllables in her lyrics. Everything is then tied together by a catchy and point-driven bridge/chorus. The song’s production is top-notch and the multiple layers in her vocals make for a very enjoyable listen.

Following the huge success of her first single Ghost (off of her forthcoming album Joy) this song is sure to turn heads and open ears. Below is the mp3.

Kill ‘em Fe!

Fefe Dobson – Stuttering


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    Such a nice picture!

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