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Yesterday I briefly discussed “premiere protocol” and when exactly movies choose to pre-screen. Today I want to continue with this topic by touching on what exactly occurs at a premiere. For starters, just as certain types of movies premiere on certain days so too do certain premieres come with different perks.

Most come with a gifted ‘plus one pass,’ but only some are equipped with a private ticket line. Most you have to arrive at early as seating isn’t guaranteed, and most have door security, (focused more on finding cameras, not checking tickets). Few have trailers, and I prefer it if they don’t. What’s rare is when a movie seeks to provide a premiere experience that feels as filmatic as we’ve dreamed.

This Thursday I went to a pre-screening event worthy of any fans far-fetched hopes. Rue Morgue and the makers of Insidious teamed up to bring fans some serious red-carpet treatment. Earlier in the week my Chromed-Bird relayed me a message from Rue Morgue: Free premiere tickets for fans! It was for a movie I’d never even heard of, but the creators involved were trustworthy so some friends and I endeavoured to go.

The same day I printed off my Insidious tickets at work I thereafter went home to watch my new purchase, Dark City. John had told me the copy I’d gotten was ranked amongst the best blu-rays out; so instead of watching this beloved film I first ventured through the extra features. The behind-the-scenes documentary was eye-opening and impressive. It talked in depth about the creative process and highlighted one important fact: low-budget projects force creators to be creative.

Insidious is certainly one of the greatest examples I’ve ever seen of the brilliance the pressures of a low-budget can provide. This return to haunted-house-horror is the passion project from the minds that made Saw. James Wan and Leigh Wannell have again teamed up to re-write what is horror. They first did this in 2004 with their pet project Saw. However, with Insidious they’ve accomplished this task in a whole new way.

Back with a lack of financial motivation these two gentlemen chose to go the bloodless route this time around. Weird? Yes, and not because Saw remains a poignant opposite. It’s weird because it’s terrifying, and it’s terrifying because it opens up the coffers of childhood fears.

I instantly believe this movie to be one of the greatest horror’s ever made. So with that said I would rather shun sharing details to let you all see and decide for yourselves. I hope to hear back from those who do see it, and I would like to thank those I saw it with. This includes James Wan and Leigh Whannell who entered after our showing for a great Q&A session. I didn’t get to ask them how they enjoyed working with Patrick Wilson, but nonetheless, it was a certified Golden Path night in my life at the movies.


  • Chris Elliott

    I saw the preview for this today at my 2 pm screening of Limitless (Which by the way should be the next MLATM). It looks amaaaazing. I am the most easily spooked man on the planet, but I always want more! Can’t wait to see this man. It looks amazing. Holla.

    • Anonymous

      I think yourself, John, and I should go when it comes out in a few weeks. I one hundred percent want to go see this again. Also, check the TV commercial coming soon… I should be in it ;) SLIIIIME!!!

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