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Info The Astronaut – Wait For It

It’s been a long time, and he shouldn’t of left you (us), without a dope beat to step to. Regardless, Info (The Astronaut) is back, and his return could not have come with more strength. Whenever I hear one of his records, it always sounds completely different then the last one he released, yet it is always familiar. This is one of the many reasons I have always paid close attention to his career.

Off of his forthcoming album entitled “Dreams and Nightmares” Info The Astronaut has released the highly anticipated first single Wait For It. This song clearly discusses how serious he has become with recommitting to his music. As a fan from day one, this news has come as a blessing. I have always believed in every move this man has made and I will continue to do so. I think that there are very few artists in any genre of music who truly do what is truly in their heart, and to see the opposite of this displayed over and over is relieving to say the least.

On this self-produced, self-mastered song, Info experiments with several new and innovative production techniques that help to give the song an added edge. As always, he has a way of making a home studio sound like nothing short of a session at Metalworks. For that alone I applaud him. Vocals and delivery (also extremely on point within) were one thing, but the production on this song was quite pristine, and that was the first thing that sold me. His writing, insightful as ever, is packed to the brim with the witty punchlines and gripping emotional reflection that complete this masterpiece.

For those just discovering, and loyal fans alike, Info the Astronaut will be releasing his sophomore LP this spring. I urge you to discover his past and future treasures.

INFO THE ASTRONAUT – Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter

Info the Astronaut – Wait For It



  • Anonymous

    This is easily his best song yet, and the more I listen to him, the more I enjoy his work. I am really stoked for his new album as this direction is easy for me to relate to. His last mix was good, but this one seems to be something special.

    I hope to continue in with the same passion this man has shown he is committed to.

    • Chris Elliott

      Ya, it really was dope. I am forever in awe of what Adam’s capable of. He’s always been a leading contributor in my inspiration as an artist.

  • Anonymous

    DAMN! This beat is incredible. INCREDIBLE. The hook/sample is so fitting and the lyrics are on point.
    Effort gets an A+!

    • Chris Elliott

      He’s nice as hell eh? I was so impressed myself. Adam will appreciate the love homie. Thank you.

      • Anonymous

        I actually have it on repeat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-Howitt/120806331 Justin Howitt

    wait till you hear our shit coming soon. we are slowly east side marioing the rap game.

    • Chris Elliott

      ahaha That’s amazing.

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