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Info The Astronaut – Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll

With the official release date (April 4th) for Dreams & Nightmares, Info The Astronaut has been slowly releasing a few teasers for his loyal fans. On the album’s first official single Wait For It, his new electronic sound was unleashed and very well received. Having listened to the second single Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, it is evident that we can expect it as a theme throughout the album.

For most (day 1) fans, hearing Info sing on a record is nothing new. He has been relentlessly playing with his style of vocals throughout his career. I admit, at first I was slightly skeptical to listen to songs in which he sang. I never envisioned a rapper pulling off the versatility required to justly blend two styles of vocal delivery. However it seems as though Info has adequately honed in on exactly what he set out to accomplish.

The song’s lyrical content is profound and well thought out. With subtle, but impactful lines like “I’m the shit, so I don’t really fit in” and “No conscience when I’m unconscious” Info reminds us that his songwriting ability has not faltered from any of his previous efforts. From the butter smooth chorus to his precise and witty verses, Info The Astronaut continues to prove to the world that he isn’t only different than other artists, but better.


Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll



  • Anonymous

    Info grows on me more and more, especially with this upcoming album. I love experimentation, especially with dreams. Kanye West, Christopher Nolan, and Zack Snyder all put “Dream” based projects out this year. I am happy to see Info entering into that space.

    I love the way this song is constructed. It sounds great in surround. The way the sounds pitch and toss back and forth in the chorus is so hypnotizing! GREAT JOB!

    • Chris Elliott

      He’s amazing man. Info is always on point. I will always believe in his artistry.

  • Anonymous

    For an indy artist to try and pull off such an under-taking is ballsy to say the least.

    That said, the two tracks you tinro’d me to on the pieces are dirty as under-side of your keyboard! Damn, I’m def. going to cop this kids album
    #mrtellitlikeitis aka Disgruntled Old-School-Head is out!

    • Chris Elliott

      That’s what’s up brother. I love it. Info is a really talented dude, and it continues to blow me away, what he can come up with.

      • Anonymous

        I’m going on play-through number 20 for today. DAMN!

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