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Info The Astronaut – Practice (Feat. Just-In-Rymes)

What more can I say about a work of art that needs no explanation? Info and Just have a simple formula in which they apply to every song they create: Weed + Creativity. Normally this equates to a very well put together 3+ minutes of audio. In this case, the two have crafted a masterpiece. With the help of their go-to beat man, Nickelbag, this ode to RJD2 is a symphony of skills deserving much praise and appreciation.

The song’s title, Practice might seem undervaluing to an outsider, given it’s epic configuration, although it is just that to these two. This song is simply a teaser of what’s to come in the future. A taste of what other competitors can expect. Rest assured when the coin gets tossed, Info The Astronaut and Just-In-Rhymes will remain victorious.

Look out for new music coming from Info and Just-In-Rhymes long awaited debut LP entitled Something In The Attic coming this spring.

This is fast times, Ridgemont High, I’m Spicoli with the long hair. Don’t know where I’m goin’ but there’s probably a bong there.

01 Practice (feat. Just In Rhymes)






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