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Info The Astronaut – 10 Minutes

It’s been almost a year since the spaceman better known as Info The Astronaut has released a collection of new music. His debut album Dreams & Nightmares, which was officially released last April let us know just how real his talent was. Fans of Info’s past work have come to accept one recurring trend with regards to new music; it is never the same. It is clear that consistent evolution is the method behind his appeal. Too many artists, rely solely on one side of themselves and their abilities, where Info explores all possibilities and creates more unique material as a result.

His newest offering comes in the form of a 3 song Mini-EP, appropriately titled 10 Minutes. In just 10 minutes (9.9 to be exact) an array of emotion, inspiration and influence are displayed and perfectly orchestrated respectively. With the hands of production attached to his own arms, this sample-heavy EP is a sonic home-run.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/adamwilliamking Adam King

    thanks for the love!

    • Chris Elliott

      Always, homie! Great songs.

  • Anonymous

    Adam this is a nice trio of tunes. I especially enjoyed the last song. Keep pushing out that product and hustling my man.

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