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Inception BluRay/DVD

Today is the big day!  Why you ask?  The release of Inception on Blu-Ray is finally at hand!

The movie picture event of the year is in stores just in time for Christmas.  I guarantee that gifting this film will get you brownie points this Holiday season!

Instead of describing the film and its merits  (just click here); all I’ll say is that unless a SlumDog Millionaire comes out of the woodworks this film should win Best Picture, Director (Nolan),  and  Actor (DiCaprio).

For those who still use DVD’s you can purchase Inception for only $17.99.  The combo Blu Ray/DVD pack  includes numerous bells and whistles and will run you $27.99.  Or for $34.99 you can purchase the grand-daddy metal-case-Blu-Ray, which includes the shooting script complete with Christopher Nolan’s notes!

This holiday season do yourself the favor and cuddle up to one of the most mind-blowing films you’ll ever see!


  • Anonymous

    Definitely the greatest movie experience of the year… I think there are better scripts out there, and better acting… but no project was as ground-breaking.

    • Anonymous

      Can’t wait to watch the blu ray!

  • Chris Elliott

    This was one of the best movies in theatres I’ve ever seen, and with the right bluray, i think it will be one of the best movies in my living room as well. Nice post dude. Leo is BACK!!!

    • Anonymous

      Read some reviews and they said the transfer was unreal

  • Sharlene Gerontzos

    Was thinking about what to get Dave for xmas and this movie just might be it! Great idea! Can’t wait to watch this New Year’s Day! and then again, and then again…

    • Anonymous

      Yup! When can watch it whenever now!

    • Anonymous

      Yup! When can watch it whenever now!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    i still haven’t seen this movie.
    should i … ?

    • Anonymous

      Should you???? HELL YEAH! My wife hasnt yet either so don’t feel bad!

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