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In Time

In Time, I loved it… cue the laughter. No, come on, laugh! I know you heard it was horrible. Even if you haven’t I’m sure that ticket sales and Rotten Tomatoes’ reviews have convinced you that the movie lacks merit. I mean that’s all it takes these days right? Two minutes or less with a trailer and a percentage point on a website and you know if a movie is worth seeing. Sadly this is true for too many.

When I exited In Time the people in attendance barely fared better. Though they went beyond the scores and seconds they were intimated by fellow attendees. As sci-fi splendor spilled out of the projector silence ensued until the film ended. Sure some speech was had amidst the quiet, but for the most part the people sat mute and entertained. That was until the credits rolled and a pretentious chuckle was pushed out. The many are easily influenced when it comes to being cool.

Yes, despite the fact that the beautiful breathed life into the script, (i.e. Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried), this film is far from cool. It’s science-fiction, a side of such that has rarely been seen since the seventies. Those were the glory days when the point was placed over the plot. Meaning, science-fiction is a genre made not for money but to make you think.

Now I’m not saying that the film is brilliant. Rather, like Logan’s Run, Soylent Green, and others of its kind it challenges one’s beliefs. Writer/director Andrew Niccol takes the concept of time to confront the audiences’ morals. Throughout the film he constantly reminds us that “in order for a few to be immortal, many most die,” and every time thereafter he asks if this is right. Parallels are drawn to the world’s current economic woes, and an internal debate is promoted as to where one stands and why they’re determined to do so.

Oddly enough, despite admiring the film I do not support its conclusion. It’s too close to anarchy for my liking, but this difference in politics matters little. What matters is that it made me make a choice; it forced me settle my soul on a serious issue. There a few films that do that, yet there are too many I overlook. As I so often say, “damn the critics!” Take a chance on a movie you wouldn’t normally watch. It’s eye opening to see how the unexpected are effective.  Movies can be therapeutic, enlightening, and sometimes life altering. However, you won’t know without viewing for yourself. I know I’m glad I saw In Time, and happy to add it to this library known as “My Life at the Movies.”


  • Anonymous

    Most def can’t wait to see this.  Sci-Fi is needs to be somewhat “cheesy” to really work.  Like you said some of my favs like Logan’s Run, Soylent Green, Brazil, Planet of the Apes, etc are ALL cheesy!

    Glad you liked, hopefully you can cop this on B-Ray and we can watch together.

    • Anonymous

      100 percent buying this blu-ray, and you know I don’t buy many. We will definitely be watching it on your sick TV. You will love it, I knew a few people that would the second I saw it. I honestly haven’t seen solid sci-fi on the silver screen in longer than I can remember. Certainly Rise of the Planet of the Apes must be noted, but this is more along the lines of the films we’ve spent years trading and watching together. Thanks for reading/commenting big bro. 

  • Anonymous

    I cannot wait to see this movie. I saw the trailer so long ago. it looks incredible. Great review

    • Anonymous

      It is… but I feel as though it is for sci-fi geeks only in a sense, (though I wish it weren’t). However, it has some amazing sets, costuming, gun mods, and automobiles that I failed to mention in my review. 

  • Anonymous

    Nice review and great rant. Really really loved this movie, maybe more for the idea than for the execution. I wanted to know more about Cillian Murphy’s time keeper – they kept dropping interesting hints about him, but never told us much. I had the same problem with Jumper’s Griffin character – he was too cool for the lack of backstory they provided. It’s true this is for SF nerds – I heard so many bad things about this before going in, but that didn’t stop me from going and thoroughly enjoying myself. 

    • Anonymous

      I wasn’t a big fan of Jumper at the time. Yet, when you mention it a lot of good memories come back. Like you I will see anything Sci-fi, and like you I agree that the concept was key for this. However, that’s true for any cult sci-fi. Did I mention Amanda Seyfried made me swoon like Cillian Murphey did for you? LOL.

  • http://twitter.com/ryanhancock9 Ryan Hancock

    Loved this blog yo, and can’t wait to see the movie myself. It’s getting lots of shit from reviewers, but clearly not many are sci-fi geeks like us. And even if the movie sucked, the idea alone is so creative and different that you’d be foolish not to at least give it a look.

    • Anonymous

      And their attention to the idea is relentless. I appreciated that the most, they never stopped reminding you what their focus topic was, and all the different ways you could look at it. Honestly, you’ll love it. Good sci-fi is so rare… fuck sci-fi at all these days is. 

  • Chris Elliott

    Great review man. FUCK THOSE CRITICS!!! I’ll take a Godfrey review over a Rotten Tomato any day. I’m going to see this when it comes out on Blu-Ray. Definitely more convinced now. How was JT’s performance? 

    • Anonymous

      Timberlake was great, but Amanda Seyfried stole the show. Dressed up in lingerie and stilettos for much of it, she was the certified scene stealer. They portrayed a political Bonnie & Clyde. The cars and guns they used, as well as the clothes they were draped in were all high end and sleek… Basically they had more physical roles than dialog based ones, and being beautiful people they played them well.

      • Chris Elliott

        Nice. I’m definitely going to catch it when it comes out. 

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