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New religions run the world. Theirs is the kind based on truth, or so they would have us believe. I’m not opposed to this proposition, after all I am a Bachelor of Theology. My only issue is that their truth often discusses those that came before them as pretenders to the faith.

Greece is built upon many myths, but considering the subject matter let us discuss those pertaining to Theseus. I say “those” because there are in fact many. Great men like Plutarch, Hesiod, and Ovid penned portions of his tale. Some overlapped, and some were contradictory, but all paid homage brilliantly. It is in their metaphors and moral plays that Theseus finds his legacy; just as the Middle Eastern kings find theirs in the same.

To put his tales in chronological order the mind must make many leaps and bounds. Thus, the journey is an exciting one. It’s marked with deeds; a series of odd actions made by a blessed boy. In time he becomes a corrupted man, and eventually dies a tragic figure. In fact he is the definition of tragedy! To put his life into art would be impossible, so the masters placed it into legend.

That isn’t to say that making a movie out of his myths is a bad thing, in fact Immortals is a very good example. As the Ancient Greeks would have wanted, the cast is carved from youthful flesh. Beautiful people costumed in gold and grease. Tomorrow’s Superman shows America what he can do with heroics, and Frieda Pinto… stole my heart.

The story is completely original, and only borrows in part from the histories. I figured as much considering 300 did the same. In all honesty it was equally poetic with its visuals. Kellan Lutz who plays Posiedon steals every scene he’s in. He is also  in the upcoming Twilight films and I think this kid has a shot at bigger roles. However, what impressed me most about his performance was how important it was. With limited screen time he reminded me that Zeus is not Thesues immortal father, but Poseidon. I wonder if he knew that. The adaptation differed but in subtlety honored. It led me back to myths I hadn’t read in years, and the beauties of the same.

The structure of this film is Telemachian; a style developed by Homer’s successors using Odysseus’ son. Meaning, it’s a coming of age story. Hyper violent like the Spartans before them, the toughest immortal this go-round has to be Hyperion, (Mickey Rourke). He is such a commanding villain. Great actors, picturesque, Frieda Pinto… go see this in 3D! And when the reel has run go learn about the gods of old. Like those that live today there are beautiful truths within their tales. I know I’m sounding blasphemous, but after all, this is my life at the movies.




  • Anonymous

    Went and saw this last night. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. I’d been wanting to see this since the trailer was released. 

    • Anonymous

      They had an amazing television and online campaign no question. For those of us who saw the captivating commercials in Canada, we have our own John Gerontzos to thank. True story, this was his advertising mastery at work ;)  

  • Anonymous

    HaHa yes!  I loved it man.  Sure it had some plot slow downs but I loved that about it.  it wasnt just a mindless action movie, the director really tried to infused some tragedy into the piece.

    Nice coverage man, had a great time that night!

    BTW the directors next venture is a SNOW WHITE themed kids movie!

    • Anonymous

      It was definitely a great night… also, which Snow White movie, Mirror Mirror?

      • Anonymous


  • user99

    wasn’t sure that this would be epic.  Now that I’ve read this MlaTm I’m going ! :D
    cheers bro.

    • Anonymous

      Let me know what you think ;)

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