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I Made You a Mixtape

I’ve been single so long that I’m beginning to miss the little things that make love so profound. Especially the joys embedded in the act of expressing it. I miss writing love letters, it was my entrance into this craft after all. But I also miss the joys of holding hands. Whether it be interlocking fingers or entangling each others’ pinkies I simply miss the childlike connection. Then there’s the making of the, “Mixtape.”

Cleverly crafting a collection of songs that say “I love you” is a small kindness which speaks volumes. I’ve always tried to make them with meaning. From the artists to the sounds of their emotions details definitely matter. I have no one to do that for now so I imagine a lover worthy of the effort. Dark curls, geek-chic glasses, opinionated, covered in curves, and expressive with a look alone. She makes me straighten my back and pull up my pants; she makes me want to be that “better man.” She comes to mind every time I listen to The Weeknd’s long awaited release, “Thursdays.”

“Ya I know I got my issues, why you think I f*ckin’ flow? And I’ma keep on smoking until I can’t hit another note. But until then… I got you. Baby I got you.” ~ Rolling Stone

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/08-Rolling-Stone1.mp3|titles=08 Rolling Stone]

It’s an odd selection of sentences to remind me of a dreamy muse, but complexity is key. So is honesty, and honestly what is love if not complicated? Hard times are bound to inflict even the most affectionate relationship. And they’re only truly hard times if they go beyond the bearing. In such situations both parties are inspired to escape. What makes it love is being incapable of such separation. As the saying goes, “you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone.” Sometimes just the thought will awaken the knowledge that what you got is good. Thus, baby I got you.

“Girl I’m just a bird, girl I’m just another bird. Don’t make me make you fall in love with a n*gga like me.” ~ The Birds Part 1

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/05-The-Birds-Part-1.mp3|titles=05 The Birds Part 1]

Only the most impressive woman would inspire vulnerability in a man. No alpha-ized gent is going to admit his insecurities to any random bird. Furthermore, only an apparent angel could make a man confess that a “bird” is exactly what he feels like. Lost in a sea of faces, or just caught-up in the games, being fickle and flighty with romance are guilts men carry with silence. To find a woman you’ll warn against entertaining you can sometimes be the beginning of finding the one you’ll warm to wife.

“Well… All these broken hearts on that pole. Man, if pole dancing’s an art you know how many f*cking artists I know?” ~ The Zone

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/04-The-Zone.mp3|titles=04 The Zone]

I’m a man, and as such I’m guilty in believing the lot of women to be tramps unworthy of trust. But not you. No, not you. That’s the reason why I’m so conflicted. You’ve broken through both defenses and expectations. The female species seems to owe you a favor. Then again, maybe they owe you everything but. Because I’m no longer looking their way with the way that you’ve got me focused. Use to be just another romantic, but now you’ve made me hopeless. Fixed on one out of all existence. Past, present, and future. That’s billions left by the way side just because you smile at my humor. Just because you say things in the moment that seem to live on forever. And the way you say, “I love you,” I can’t imagine the words being spoken better.








  • Alessandra Colella

    Jon, this is jumping up my fave MLATM Love Blog ladder… and fast! 
    I can’t even quote my favourite lines because they are woven so beautifully into this entire piece that I would literally just end up copying and pasting the entire blog. I think the part that stands out most in my mind, is the beginning – the little things that we take for granted daily (sneaking a kiss, holding hands, having him lead you into a room with his hand on the small of your back) – all things I dearly missed and realized I loved so much when Tony and I had broken up for such a short period of time (which felt like eternity). I like how you wove this into a mixtape theme – definately something I would like to see again!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks… this is actually the first love blog since the first that came extremely quickly. It is the only love blog I had no inklings of writing in advance, I got home last night and just got honest. My favorite part is the last paragraph personally. I do love to create rhyming verse when I can. Thank SO SO much for reading and letting me know what you enjoy about it. 

  • Mieka Jansen

    Jon, you are the perfect mixtape of a man. But you don’t have an accent, so whatev. ;) Brilliant, brilliant writing, dawg. <3

    • Anonymous

      Thx MEEKS! I miss you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much. We gotta go for drinks ASAP! Friday me and Bri-Bri are going out if you wanna link up.

  • Chris Elliott

    Lovely piece my good sir. Very very inspiring. I’m so glad to see you back at your best subject yet. It’s always nice to read these. Love the integration with The Weeknd’s new tape, which by the way, I have been bumping. Good shit. OVOXO. 

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