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Hugh Jackman in Concert

It’s time for another Dreamland Double-Header. Jon and I are proud to offer up yet another theatrical review blog featuring 2 perspectives from one show. This article’s subject is the highly acclaimed 1-man show, performed by Hugh Jackman. Enjoy!

Through the eyes of Chris Elliott:

They say the stage is the birthplace of all true performers. That film and television are mere flirtations with the raw passion and presence required to dazzle a live audience. As a student of acting, and a huge fan of all three forms of entertainment, I could not agree more.

Hugh Jackman, like many of our generations brightest and most awe-worthy stars, came from humble beginnings. His dream to become a Hollywood star was realized only as a second choice to theater. As a true entertainer, the man happens to be a Triple Threat. For those not privy to the theatrical term, it means to sing, dance, and act…well…Very, very well. During Hugh’s electrifying 1 man show that graced Toronto’s acclaimed Princess of Whales Theater, these skills, and many more were effortlessly realized.

Although Hugh’s ability to sing and dance was impeccably showcased throughout, his charisma and natural charm completely stole the show. The two-hour performance was carefully crafted, providing him with the opportunity to endear the audience, by telling the tale of his rise to stardom. An honest and humble approach to the subject, with several splashes of comedy abound, made for a very intimate and memorable experience.

His take on various show-tunes including “Singin’ In The Rain”, “Lady Luck” and “The Best That You Can Do” were seamlessly carried out with abundant personality and enthusiasm. Perhaps his most enlightened segment of the show contained a tribute to famed Australian singer/songwriter Peter Allen. A man claimed by Hugh to be “An Australian mix of Liberace and Frank Sinatra, rolled into one”.

Overall, the production was a joy to watch and a privilege to attend. Mirvish has once again honed in on a niche opportunity to bring laughter and excitement to the city of Toronto.

Through the eyes of Jon Godfrey:

I am truly spoiled when it comes to the arts. Considering the majority of my time is spent in one type of theater or another I tend to take such things for granted. I realized this last night as I waited for Hugh Jackman to hit the stage for his one man show.

Although Christopher was elated I remained silently suspect. Buzz had surfaced that this show wasn’t going to be up to snuff. I’d never attended a lackluster show before, and I was worried that Mr. Jackman’s troubadour talents would be my first let down.

The show started off humorous enough. However, it became heartfelt when he took some personal time to serenade his beautiful wife, (who was in attendance). The man is certainly endearing. He shared his struggle through comedy and cabaret, and closed with some charity and culture. As the curtains closed I celebrated like everyone else by standing as I applauded. I again applaud in words by saying, Mr. Jackman you are a class act… and an act that was appreciated.

No ratings needed. I’ll simply conclude with the assurance that this is a show everyone will enjoy. :)


  • Amandalstrang

    Great review guys! So glad you both enjoyed the show! The Toronto Star gave it 4 / 4 stars and ticket sales have soared!! Can’t wait to see the show for myself.  Great pics too by the way…Hugh is so handsome isn’t he ?  ;)

    • Anonymous

      Happy to hear ticket sales went up :)

      And yes… he is an attractive gent. The women were losing there minds with every inch of skin he was willing to offer up. Literally, the lot of them were coo-coo for Aussie butt, believing that their hysteria would equal a happily ever after with him, LOL.

      For the gents his back up vocalists are both beauties… especially that blonde number, serious knuckle-biter.

    • Chris Elliott

       Thank YOU so much for making it all possible. We both loved it, and needless to say, had a GREAT time. :)

  • Anonymous

    Glad you guys enjoyed it, Hugh is an great actor and I do remember when he had an ill-fated television show which was part musical I few years ago.  Glad he’s back on stage again.

    We should all be grateful to Amanda and Mirvish for these opportunities (thanks for the tickets Amanda!) We all know this time has pretty much come to an end (sad face).

    • Anonymous

      Yes, they were all enjoyed… and it is sad that they will not be again. That said, this was a great one to wrap-up a run on. Not my favorite per-se, but definitely very enjoyable. 

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