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How to Love

Two thousand and ten was a year marked with my greatest triumphs, my greatest failures, and eight months with no Weezy. From March of last year until early November Lil Wayne was behind bars on Rikers Island. Rolling Stone magazine followed him in and met him when he exited. I remember both interviews and reading between the lines. I remember playing his timely release “I Am Not a Human Being.” Tracks like “I’m Single” and “With You” certainly aided in his absence, but failed to fill the void.

Luckily his absence was short lived. He was out in no time and celebrating the new year Live at 106 and Park. As promised the campaign for the Carter VI kicked off immediately, and he released its first official single “6 Foot, 7 Foot.” This certified success led to a viral video remake and numerous guest features for the artist himself. Of the lot my top three to date are: Ace Hood’s “Hustle Hard (Remix)”; Mary J’s “Someone to Love (Naked)”; and DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One.” Then there’s Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation,” a success in and of itself.

Yes, there is no question Lil Wayne has been prepping us for his latest venture. The album cover has been revealed, and so has an ample amount of feature and production information. On August 29th the album will hopefully be hitting shelves, but until that time he has offered us another dosage to soothe our anxiety.  As the second single “John” settles down he’s released the album’s third, “How to Love.” The music video has been rumored as “shocking,” and with Weezy in front of the camera I’m sure it will be.

I’m also impressed by the song itself. After his release from prison I worried as to what liltunechi would create with his new found freedom. Aside from his guest appearances I have to admit that the first two singles didn’t overly impress me. That is until How to Love graced my ears. Ever since “Rebirth” Lil Wayne has been playing with his sound. His desire to sing has been expressed over and over again, but none as well crafted as this title track.

I remember when he released Prostitute Flange during the pre-Carter 3 era. How to Love sounds not only like its sequel, but also its successor. The story of loving a woman against all odds is refreshing in the world of guns and butta. Kudos Weezy, you’ve got me geared up for the release.

Young Moo-la Bay-bay ;)

P.S. Dwayne Carter’s thank you for fans (Sorry 4 the Wait) releases in mixtape form in t-minus….



  • Chris Elliott

    Awesome piece dude. Weezy F Baby is definitely back. I found it very interesting how you accurately told the tale of his latest musical projects. I agree that the first two singles weren’t overly special, but this one certainly is. It’s been on repeat the last couple days! SLIME!

    • Anonymous

      JLB & Amanda showed it to me, along with Motivation. After hearing both this past weekend, (yes, I’ve been slipping), I knew I had to do a blog on both. It feels good to get the information out there again. Plus, it has been awhile since I did a super heavy link blog. with how much information in packed herein… everybody has the coverage needed to catch up on Weezy F.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    BIG tune!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a bigger fan of when Weezy gets ill but this is great.  Can’t wait for the Carter 4.

    • Anonymous

      LOL!!!! I love that last line. I am actually surprised you like this track at all… regardless we both agree Tha Carter IV is going to be amazing!!! Hopefully I will have a review of “Sorry 4 the Wait” soon. Blogging like a mad man lately. LOL. 

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