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News: How The Internet Killed Blockbuster.

The Internet is a good thing right? it’s social place, there are downloads, and google, and wikipedia. It’s not a killer, it’s not a destroyer, it’s a creator… So how is blockbuster now on the corporate chopping block from the Internet?

Let me back track a bit and explain why I care so much… Blockbuster has been a house hold name to me since I was a child, it’s almost a local landmark, it was my sanity, my refuge through my teenage years. Just thinking of the countless nights where walking a half-hour to blockbuster to grab a flick brings on the most nostalgic feelings. So I ask  again what the fuck happened?… Broadband internet happened. And Blockbuster was blindsided before it could keep up with the changes.

Blockbusters current business model is to release movies on DVD months after they have cleared out of theaters… but people don’t want to wait months, they don’t want to travel to the movie store and stand in line, and feel gouged at paying 5 bucks for a movie they have to give back in 5 days. People want this even less when they know they can hop onto the net and stream the flick weeks before they come out in blockbuster, even if the quality isn’t great..

If blockbuster had clued in 5 years ago and started releasing their movies online, through an online video store, for less than the price it would cost me to get it in the physical store. I’d have an account already and probably have watched about 500 movies by now. Even a 20 dollar monthly memebership that would allow me to log onto the blockbuster site and stream any movie I like… i’d pay it every month, religiously.

Now that I’ve covered some serious flaws in the blockbusters business model, who else is to blame? I mean the internet isn’t one person sitting in a little cubicle plugging wires into a box. It’s built by companies like Rogers and Bell. Who not only provide unlimited access to sites that provide free movie downloads but who also deliver movies right to your TV!!! Through the rogers and bell digital cable boxes I can now watch any new release movie I’d like for approx $4 bucks. Why would I get off my lazy ass and drive to the movie store to grab a DVD that is scratched to shit. Not to mention it probably won’t play in my 6 year old DVD player, what is this blueray nonsense anyway… just kidding, blueray is awesome. With Rogers and Bell I can click “view now” on my TV and tack $4 onto my cable bill at the end of the month, it’s like watch now pay later kinda deal but with mooooooviesss owwwww, ahhhhhh,  coooooool. I’ll say yes to that any day.

I’m sad to see such a big part of my childhood on the brink of extinction, but maybe after some major refinancing and reorganizing, the corporate giant will transform into a new beast; prepped and ready to expand it’s reach into the online movie sector.

All the best blockbuster. I’ll be here cheering you on as I download a copy of Inception… which is still in theaters.


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