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How I Feel – Part 4

It’s been a wet, dreary and unbelievably dark spring. However, my spirits remain high, and along the course of the last 3 months I’ve had some time to reflect. I’ve been increasingly appreciative of the little things in life. The simple pleasures that are abound in the year’s warmer months.

The following 5 songs have scored my solitary strolls as of late. Granted, it has been quite a while since I’ve told you How I Feel, but given my recent enlightenment, I thought it only appropriate. Look within my reflection. My repentance. My refuge.

Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way

Cat Stevens – Just Another Night

Wilson Philips – Hold On

Hollerado – Fake Drugs

Rod Stewart – You Wear It Well



  • Anonymous

    my boy.  love your taste in music man, so eclectic.  Cat Stevens!

    • Chris Elliott

       Thanks dog. That Cat Stevens song is the fuckin bees knees, brother!

  • Anonymous

    First and foremost thank you for brining this blog back. I personally enjoy experiencing other peoples personal musical tastes. You learn so much from seeing how others gain depth from music. This is another eclectic mix. Starting off with The Rumours “You Can Go Your Own Way” got me right into the heart of things. That twangy rock-n-roll sound makes me feel like Tom Cruise in an 80′s movie. I’m also happy to see Cat Stevens in here. You are such a big fan, and keep me listening to him, (no Yusuf crap though, lol). 

    The Wilson Philips joint in a gem! Those ladies make some serious classics and “Hold On” is amongst their top tracks. I also so more Hollerdo in here, so I know the company you are keeping ;) And finally… some good old Rod Stewart. He has found his way into two of these now. You got his greatest hits rocking in that 5 discer? LOL

    Lastly, I liked the sentiments spilled over this piece regarding Lighthouse Point. I’m glad I’ve been there now. I learned a lot more about you from going. Can’t wait to head back up.

    • Chris Elliott

      Thanks a lot for the acknowledgment dude. Much appreciated, as always. I’ve been going through a lot as you know, so these songs are all helpful to me in their own different ways. Lighthouse is the most iconic place in my life and when I’m there, I try to really indulge in my reflection. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

    Such a solid playlist brother!

    • Chris Elliott

      thanks dog! Glad you dig it. :)  

    • Chris Elliott

      thanks dog! Glad you dig it. :)  

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