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How I Feel – Part 3

My mind has been cursin’ me,

Lookin’ through the blinds of adversity

Nursery rhymes are describin’ the surgery

That I’m in, who knows if I’ll find my emergency

I’m dying so certainly,

I won’t even try to deny what’s been hurtin’ me,

So I urgently try to just climb and it’s erkin’ me,

Soon I’ll have to decide on my certainty,

But for now… This is HOW I FEEL.

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  • Anonymous

    Cough up lung, Where I’m From? T-Dot son!!

    JAY-Z in the building!!! Praying to god so long we athiest!

    • Chris Elliott

      lol I thought you of all people would like this one. ahahaha COUGH UP A LUNG!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love “How I Feel.” It is your boldest foray into an ongoing series yet. With the last two pieces accompanied by a grand ballroom in picture form, it is cool to see the dark exterior to that beautiful room. I imagine your work like my own, as hallways in your head, rooms in your mental. This one started off dark with Em, and instantly switched into some great Kanye. Then Killa, and some Jigga… finishing with Sweeney Todd. The last is my favorite. I’d never heard it before and will listen to it again after posting this. Thank you.

    I’ve begun thinking in “How I Feel” style myself. Opening my mind up to the music that suits my mood no matter the genre. Thank you for this series. Please keep it up :)

    A fan & brother.

    • Chris Elliott

      Really glad you enjoyed it slime. I think I’m starting to really dig this myself.

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