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How I Feel – Part 1

Welcome to the newest installment of our Inspiration (Music) blog. Over the course of the last year I have focused the spotlight on many individual artists. I have analysed their creative process, their influence and their genius. Until someone physically stops me, I will continue to do just that. However, as our blog grows, our content must follow suit. Thus, I will be introducing a new segment of Inspiration entitled “How I Feel”. This will consist of weekly installments in which I will list 5 songs that are strongly influencing me at that particular time.

As we all know, music, like any other form of art is subjective. The songs that I select will be reflective of my moods, inspiration, and thoughts. I will not post titles under the streaming files, as I want you to uncover the songs organically and without judgement. As readers, you have the eternal option to critique, discuss and suggest after assessing my selections. I invite you to do so.

Without further adieu, the following songs comprise this week’s How I Feel:






  • Anonymous

    Tonight I’m just going to drop an initial comment… I love this idea for the following reasons:

    1.) Because you are doing what I always hoped you would. I’ve always believed in your “Inspiration” series, and that is one of the reasons I love that it is again completely yours.
    2.) You’re growing with your work. You always do, but now that you are becoming even more creative with your work it makes it so much more exciting.
    3.) If you are saying we get to engage with the tracks ourselves and offer up suggestions… I think it’s genius.

    Love you slime, I’ll be listening to these at work tomorrow. Love that you started off with Sweetest Taboo. GREAT TUNE!

    • Chris Elliott

      Thanks for your support homie. I hoped you would dig this. You led the way with this type of innovation, I’m just trying to grow on it. Hopefully the kids will dig it as well!

  • Anonymous

    First things first… ya’ll better chill before I start tweeting! CAPO!!! I’ve loved that Maino track since Swizzo dropped it for a Monster Monday. Jim’s verse is INSANE! Second, so happy you threw Info up here. I knew you would, but I was wondering which track you would go with. I’m intrigued.

    • Chris Elliott

      Sooo sick eh. East coast is back in a BIG way. And ya, Head In The Clouds is (in my opinion) far and away his best song yet. Unreal.

  • Anonymous

    Now thats an eclectic group of tracks.
    Brother, me and you need to hang out more. We really got the same taste in music. First off, Sade is unreal. She just makes me melt and I’m not afraid to admit it. Genesis is one of my favs, miss me some Pete Gabriel!

    • Chris Elliott

      Agreed sir. We are more alike than either of us realize I think. Now, to get rid of that bitch-ass Godfrey and sail off into the sunset.

      • Anonymous

        I’d fuckin bury you both before you got the chance ;)

      • Chris Elliott

        Ahahaha My Slime!!!

      • Anonymous

        He will, he’s not bluffing!

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