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Hot For Doctor (Martens)

Amidst the ever powerful wave of high topped boots and other work-ready footwear fashion, much of the innovation and attention has been focused on such products directed towards men. From Timberlands to Redwings, the past 2 or 3 years have been a no-holds-barred men’s boot parade. Combat-style boots have been popularized and even normalized for the more conservative fellas whom would normally not have the nerve to dawn them. However, this seemingly male dominated trend has experienced several gender crossovers. Namely from British footwear empire Dr. Martens.

With an abundance of evidence constantly displayed in malls, bars and the runway it is no secret that 90′s fashion is back in full blossom. Women all over the world are transitioning from low-rise to high-waist, from skinny to baggy, from hair-tie to scrunchy. Frankly, I love it. I’ve been predicting a 90′s comeback for a couple of years and it very much pleases me to see my foresight come to life.

While doing some online shopping this morning, I stumbled across the Dr. Martens website and began to check out some of their new products (I’ve been eyeballing a pair of these 1460s for some time now). While I was on the site, I decided to look for a few pairs of boots for my girlfriend. During my search I came across a few absolutely stunning pairs that really caught my eye… more so than anything in the men’s collection. Enjoy the below images.

*Any one of the below boots, Over-sized neutral-tone Tank, Cut-off distressed denim shorts, Black (subtle) patterned leggings and these sunglasses*

Ladies: please start purchasing these boots. Your inner Stephanie Tanner/Blossom REALLY needs a new pair.


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