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Horrible Bosses

Good times and bad, both are improved with company. Now I am aware that I have discussed the importance of sharing movies previously. However, my past discussion concerned the home box office experience. Today I want to chat about a more theatrical adventure.

On Friday evening I attended yet another opening night, that of “Horrible Bosses.” The film was a comedy with a socially relevant title, so I saw it with fellow writer John and my co-worker Sabrina, (individuals who have been a part of several other MLatM outings).

After some preparative patio drinks we headed over to a movie house I’d never before attended, Rainbow Cinemas’ Market Square. Typically I visit more pricey palaces; cinematic complexes with numerous amenities and technological advancements. Market Square though not a bare bones throwback like Bloor Cinema was nevertheless a slice of retro pie. Sloping floors and small screens; soda and popcorn priced to excite a purchase; reminders of my suburban past with pre-roll animations that were unintentionally humorous. Equipped with interesting scenery and associates it was time to join that packed house in creating a laugh track.

With a cast including Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis I was far from worried as to whether or not I would chuckle. However, with asshole employers portrayed by Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, and Colin Farrell I was led to laugh with purpose. The film is not only a knee-slapping comedy, it is also a fantastical indulgence. When the common man is not day dreaming of being a superhero or romantic lead their mind often ventures into darker territory. Namely, killing the modern day slave driver hesitantly referred to as “boss.” This premise permeates throughout every flickering frame, and the films three justified Brutus’s go about the act so ridiculously that the dim plot is literally brought to light.

As the antics played out I not only heard the theater erupt as I did, I also saw the same enjoyment made evident by my loved ones. Heads tossed back, friendly pushes were passed, and the post show banter was filled with re-lived lines and moments. Certainly the setting was to be thanked, but we were truly all of a-like-mind because of the plots relatable essence.

Humanity has always hindered on the need for motivation. This species sub-divides themselves into communities, and to progress as such, roles are found for all. Today, the ever-expanding middle-class has created many entertaining but ultimately unnecessary institutions in order to facilitate our increasing numbers. As non-essential practices they often fail to have any true value, especially with regards to leadership. We, the everyday Westerner, often find ourselves under the managerial thumb of the uninspiring. It’s frustrating I know, but since the bills need to be paid we endure as best we can. In order to do that more effectively go and watch this film, it’s therapeutic in the utmost. Easily the funniest movie this year, or the best laugh had in my life at the movies.



  • Anonymous

    Movie was amazing!  All three guys killed it and the bosses (as well as Jamie Foxx) were perfect!

    New Hangover right here!

    • Anonymous

      I definitely agree that this movie accomplished what The Hangover did two years ago… new and unexpected laughs delivered by an amazing cast!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    this movie was HIULARIOUS!!!
    thanks for the great company boys <3

    • Anonymous

      For sure. With pre-drinks at Jason George it made for quite the memorable evening, (that is to say nothing of what happened after the movie ;)

      C U Next Thursday!!! LOL

  • Chris Elliott

    Quite therapeutic indeed! This blatant display of catharsis is EXACTLY what 99% of people in the work force need. The scary thing is, these bosses aren’t even THAT far fetched. Lord knows I’ve had my fair share of nightmare employers, and in some cases, killing them seems like the only option… Wow. See how that comment just took a dark turn?

    Nice write-up Jonny! Loved it! 

    • Anonymous

      LOL! Yes, the premise is dark but the vulgarity of it made it light and easy. This is a sure fire hit for everyone other than my mother. She could never handle all the cursing, hahahaha. That said, Charlie Day stole the show in this one, the cocaine scene was funny as hell!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

    I figured this movie would be funny, but I definitely didn’t expect it to get the reviews that it’s getting. I still need to check it out

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it is definitely the comedy of the year for me at this point. That said, I have yet to see Brides Maids and must before the year is over in order to give complete insight. 

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