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Hi, I’m a Mac.

I grew up on PC’s. My upbringing was frustrating to say the least. Without being disrespectful, overly aggressive, or unfair, PC’s are garbage. They are the no frills version of what a modern computer should be. They are in no way innovative, they lack creativity and every new feature that comes out on a PC is simply a piss-poor version of something that Apple does 1000x better.

Four years ago, I received my first Apple laptop (the Macbook Pro). Four years later, I type this blog on the very same Macbook with a shit-eating grin on my face. Why you ask? Because I have never ever had one single problem, glitch, or virus the entire time. Now, I’m not tech savvy, nor am I an avid gamer, or over downloader. However, when I had my PC, I wasn’t either. Yet somehow, my online experiences were ridden out at a snails pace, files were lost without reason and everything was done the long way. With Apple, everything is easy and fun.

When you walk into an Apple store, it just feels right. The sales staff is friendly, intelligent and constantly willing to help. This may be Apples best quality, especially given the fact that due to their insanely easy operating system, next-to-no help is required.

Aside from the top-notch staff, Apple’s product mix speaks for itself. They boast a cellular phone that has changed telecommunication forever, an Mp3 device that has revolutionized the way people enjoy media, and computers that have changed the way we as humans live. Apple has made everything easy, and in the process they have made it look damn good.

I understand why people may be skeptical to switch and why PC users are so loyal. What I don’t understand is how a lot of people still cannot stand back and bow down to what Apple has accomplished. Over the last 10 years, they have achieved a monopoly over Mp3 players, a strong market share in cell-phones, and converted millions of PC users. What have PC companies done? Copied Apple in every way possible? Ridden on the coat-tales of their innovations? Made millions of people frustrated with lack-luster operating systems and relentless viruses? Wasted people’s hard earned money? The answer to all of the above is yes.

Money and Time are essential for survival; stop wasting both on something that is incapable of achieving just that.

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  • Anonymous

    You came with that youthful angst! I love it… but no I will not bow down to Mac no matter what you say… LOL!!!

    Love you baby bro… HOLLA AT ME SLIIIIIME!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am going to type the same response to both articles.

    First, very well done guys. You both aren’t computer geniuses but both articles got across what you needed to say.

    Next, I prefer the PC over the Mac personally. Now, I qualify that by saying I have used both. PC at work and at home, Mac in college and my old roommate had a desktop.
    If you want a Mac they are by far, the easiest and most ‘fun’ to use. At the click of a button (or two Braedon!) things are magically simple. They have the best campaign ever and dominate.

    PCs have more issues but PCs are where its at. The Variety (that’s the key) is amazing. The user is in control with what they want. Pieces are interchangeable. You are able to have as little or as much control of the unit as you want.

    My issue with Mac is this; they control your experience. I compare Mac to Nintendo. Nintendo is the most creative company in the world. They control all aspects of their image and gaming and have the funnest and easiest units to use. But they CONTROL it all. If you need anything new it has to come from NINTENDO and not an outside source. Same with Mac, you in in their house, not yours.

    I like options! I don’t like to be told whats cool and what isn’t.

    Good job boys!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    just got an iphone & macbook.
    love love love them both A-LOT!

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