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HD Flexible OLED Display

Translation: TV’s That Bend

Samsung is “arguably” the first to pioneer the Flexible OLED Screens. You can catch a preview in the video blow. A lot of times when I see bleeding edge technology I think “so what”. It usually takes me a couple of weeks and a bit of reading to truly discover the practical uses, but Instantly began to see the benefits of the flexible OLED’s

Flexible OLED screens will eventually replace our standard light bulbs, by providing light sources that can be integrated into virtually anything. These new sources of light will eventually become cheaper to install and be more cost effective to use than a traditional light bulb.

By Integrating touchscreen nano technology into the fibers of the OLED’s surface engineers are now able to create touch screen devices thinner than 10 sheets of paper and as durable as hard plastic.

Gone will be the days of the 1″ in 1″ pixelated billboards we see today, welcome to the fullcolour HD version of your favorite billboard ads. Not that I typically stand around watching the Ad’s in Dundas square, but I’ll admit, If I saw a Victoria Secret ad in HD… I’d probably pause to take in some of urban scenery.

The Office
As this technology becomes cheaper to produce you’ll start to see it showing up in your office board rooms as touchtables tables, and touchable walls. No longer will you need to mount a project on a wall to do a presentation. You can now view the presentation in Full HD with an OLED wall.

Don’t be surprised when you start seeing TV screens wrapping cars, wrists, and just about anything else they haven’t already been able to integrate them into.


  • Anonymous

    Dude… amazing! I remember discussing OLED technology back when I worked with Sony Electronics. It was so expensive at the times that an 11 inch screen was over 2G’s. They said then, like you explain now, that this will take over so many facets of our culture. I loved the pictures you included to show how. AWESOME! (Especially the watch).  

    • Anonymous

       Thanks man, Had a lot of fun writing this one. 

  • sabrina


    • Anonymous

       I know! :) So cool!

  • Chris Elliott

    This is amazing dude. I’m so glad you’re back, and with such a great topic! It’s scary and exciting at the same time, where technology is going. 

  • Anonymous

    Awesome info here Brian.  Samsung is quickly becoming my favorite tech company!  LOVE their Nexus phone!

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