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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

It’s an oddly comforting thought that this is my 100th MLatM blog; and blessedly fitting that it concerns such a treasured title. I haven’t been at this a year yet and the purpose for this series still remains poignant: to learn the lessons I find within every movie I see.

Everybody is a critic these days; utilizing their emotional state to translate films into stars, thumbs, or numbers. I personally feel this strategy has been exhausted; watered down by an extensive amount of apprehension regarding appreciation. I’ve adventured instead to find the joy in every journey, the beauty in every picture. Though I’ve not always succeeded in this endeavor, I have nevertheless done more good than bad.

Regarding the matter of good versus evil let us transition to the topic at hand, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

The last film in this world renowned adaptation, Hallows 2 was a beautiful bow to fans across the globe. I could go on about the enjoyable 3D, Daniel Radcliffe’s “Golden Baby” worthy performance, or the tear-jerking conclusion itself. Yet, I will instead discuss an inspiring fact embedded in the story.

Years ago a mysterious letter came to the orphan Harry Potter. His parents had died before he ever knew them, and the relatives that raised him had never bothered to couple the act with love. This letter offered Harry an escape from the disdain and disrespect that surrounded him for the first eleven years of his life. In time he found the love he’d never known through the relationships he made in the wizarding world. They meant the world to him, and learning that there was an enemy threatening them Harry took up his wand, while just a child, and dedicated his life to defeating it.

This honorable quest brought with it an incredible amount of pain and heartache. Many of those he longed to protect died. His godfather, beloved teacher, headmaster, friends, and acquaintances were all murdered before his eyes. The love that led Harry to be a hero also led others like lambs to the slaughter. Or at least that is how Harry felt.

Every step Harry took was filled with doubt. He thrashed about for eight films with the agonies of self-loathing. He hated himself and justified the emotion with his failures. Yet, somehow he kept fighting. He never knew how or why, but he did. And it was this dedication that led him to becoming the greatest wizard that ever was or will be.

Harry Potter struggled with loving himself, but he dedicated his life to those he never questioned were worthy of such. His painful path is one few of us will ever walk, but I pray in time I may learn that a legend requires dedication enough to quiet the demons, and a resolution pure enough to lay the same to rest.

Harry Potter is now over, but my quest continues. May it find purpose and never falter; may it continue on in strength in spite of longing for conclusion. And as we celebrate the end of an era I pray I continue on into another.

Happy 100th blog “My Life at the Movies”!!!


  • Anonymous

    I have not watched more than 10 minutes of any of the Harry Potter movies nor have I ventured to turn a page of any of the books.  I must say though that this is the one series myself (and my wife) will go back and watch.
    It’s safe to say that the younger demographic has grown up with Harry.  For most of their lives a new movie has dropped and it should not be understating that to most Teens / early Twentiers that theses film is much more than Star Wars, The Matrix, Transformers, etc combined.

    With that said I really do want to jump on this journey and will be sometime this winter.  Well done Jon, glad you covered this off.  And also glad this did so well (FUCK THE TRANSFORMERS AND MICHAEL BAY!)

    • Anonymous

      Appreciated :)

      Although I do love the Transformers, but for quite different reasons. I am excited that you will be starting this series and I know you will love it. I only hope it leads to reading the books. They are greatest work of fantasy I’ve ever read. They surpass my beloved Dune even. I only wonder if A Song of Fire and Ice will fair better, but I doubt it. There is just something about those books that find a sense of meaning in the hearts of all of those that read them. 

  • Chris Elliott

    Dog! Great piece. I like how you take it right back to the first book/movie for the sake of recapping this magnificent story. Like Johnny, I’m not the biggest fan, but have always enjoyed the movies and I will probably be re-visiting the series in sequence one of these days. Great piece dude. Glad that you got the chance to see it. 

    • Anonymous

      I happy to hear that people want to watch the films despite not being the biggest fans. The actors truly came into their own over the years, and by the end had become the characters in my eyes. I had certain reservations about some of the portrayals, but after a decade they had all become very convincing. David Yates was also a great choice by Warner to cover the majority of the films. His interpretation of the narrative is brilliant. Far from the beauty of the books, but great nevertheless.

  • KWgirl

    I never jumped on the band wagon to read this series. I thought of it only as “Youth” books. It was great to see so many young readers actually reading again though! We have seen every Harry Potter movie and totally enjoyed them. This last one however was different, it actually made me want to read the series. If the movies were this good, how much better the books must be! 

    We did see this in normal 2D, sorry, I can’t get excited about 3D, it makes me nauseous just thinking about it…too old I guess:) Guess you have to be younger~like you are!

    • Anonymous

      You should read this series mother… it is beyond a good read, it is a classic. I don’t think there is any other works in my lifetime that can be certified as such with similar ease. Glad you went and saw it, glad you enjoyed it too. You know how much Rachel and I love the series, and it is sad in way to have to finally say goodbye. I must admit there were tears shed for exactly that reason :)  

      • KWgirl

        It’s actually because I know how much you & Rachel LOVE this series that got me thinking I should actually read it as well. Rachel re-reads ALL the books before every movie comes out…that is dedication! I wish you were closer so I could borrow your books…guess I’ll get them from the library:)

      • Anonymous

        Yes, you must. You will breeze through the first 3 in a week or two total. Right now I am beginning a new series, “A Song of Fire and Ice.” Another which shall enter into my holy realm of literature. They are the books that “A Game of Thrones” is based on. 

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