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Happily Ever After


[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Secret-Of-Mana.mp3|titles=Secret Of Mana]

It’s rare to find something real, and have it play out like a fairytale.

It’s a tale as old as time… an intelligent no-nonsense girl meets her match –when out of nowhere— she stumbles into a day-dreaming scoundrel. Their everyday attitudes suddenly appear nothing more than mere disguises; costumes covering two beating hearts, scared of being broken. And though both parties boast of independence, the opposite seems true whenever they’re together.

Then, quicker than either ever expected… his lips meet hers, and in an honest breath she whispers, “I love you.” Suddenly the sun offers an eternal glow, and the world is given meaning. They’re in love, and that fact eclipses all that would say otherwise. But if fairytales were roses, in time their fingers find the thorns.

It pricks, and like thunder it stirs slowly. Calming when first it’s heard, but lightning strikes and splits asunder. The flowers fade, the storm subsides, and what was once poetic is now a curse. Like their unexpected origins their end arrives in kind.

No need to close the curtains, no need to cue the lights. Must the closing credits not read, “and they lived happily ever after”? Yet, how can a current cause for tears bring back a long lost smile? In the nightcap novels read to children the damsel’s in distress, and the male’s her armed relief. Written upon the pages of reality is where our story differs.

The demons that claw and make them cower aren’t witches with vendettas. The problems that ruin their romantic worlds are within and hard to conquer. There is no easy quest to embark upon, no Cyrano to aid their prose. There is no sword within a stone, and no curing kiss-of-resurrection. Instead there are these words; the hero’s genuflecting prayer.

“I miss you, and I understand that the same may not be true… when you think of me, of what we had, and what you may have gotten through. Yet here I stand and still I fight, for what I’m told is over. The heavens spoke and crowds chant that my failure’s drawing closer. So here’s my sword, my armor too, I’ll await the coming dusk. Eternal truth’s eternal still, all I ask for… is us.”

Her reply is hard to know, but the hope remains the same. That the slipper will be returned; that the slumbering beauty will awaken; that lovers will be lovers again… and live happily ever after.


  • Chris Elliott

    Wow man. Impressed as always. Your eternal muse lives on through your words. I love the way you write these homie.

    Stay up.

    P.S I want to spank superwoman’s booty. Just sayin’.

    • Anonymous

      Thx lil bro… my eternal muse she is :)

  • Anonymous

    The evolution of your written word is very impressive, the tapestry continues to be steadily woven. Love it.

    Even better than the blog is the choice of picture. Best Superman series in a long while!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Big Bro. I love Valentines Day and the muse that inspires this series. I’m just glad I got this done and out as promised for the holiday.

  • user99

    Perfect read for the 14th.

    • Anonymous

      Thx my man. Happy V-Day to you and the wife and baby. Thanks for always reading and supporting. I’m glad everyone is enjoying this so much.

  • Mieka Jansen

    Beautiful! Happy Valentine’s Day, Jon! <3

    • Anonymous

      Thx Mieka… Hopefully this inspires a friendly call to your love in Amsterdam today… although I’m sure that would be happening regardless.

  • Alessandra Colella

    Nobody could ask for a more perfect V-Day Blog Jonny!

    “Their everyday attitudes suddenly appear nothing more than mere disguises; costumes covering two beating hearts, scared of being broken. And though both parties boast of independence, the opposite seems true whenever they’re together.” – perfection!!!

    An overwhelming well-written blog that makes me feel like I’m in a real-life fairytale and I just want to sing “…song as old as ryhme…Beauty and the Beast”.

    <3 Loads of Love xo Alessan aka Margene

    Ps. My goal is to work my booty like Lois ;) even IF she is a cartoon! lol

    • Anonymous

      Awwww, thx Allesan :)

      I liked that line too… it came very naturally. Some were more fine tuned to try and relay the point more generally, but that one just rolled of the pen perfectly.

  • Jonathanleebrock

    What a phenominal bum, decent writing + Perfect bum = Amazing blog! lol Kidding aside, you write beautifully. Your muse is luckier than she will ever know…

    • Anonymous

      Well I’m lucky to have ever had her… she is still sweet as a Lois Lane bum shot! Thanks for reading buddy I love you dearly and I am stoked about your new cake making past-time! Please keep it up as I love seeing what you can accomplish when you unleash all that creativity you got couped up.

  • sabrina


    • Anonymous

      Thx for coming by my desk and clarifying what you meant by “Wow” ~ love ya Bri-Bri!

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