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Green Lantern

First, before we discuss another film I enjoyed, I’d like to get something straight. I am not, nor have I ever attempted to blow smoke up metaphorical ass. You wouldn’t believe the number of people that dislike the fact I enjoy so many films. They feel that this has destroyed my credibility, waters down my brand, and makes me look foolish. Well you know I beg to differ.

My Life at the Movies is not a blog that reviews movies, nor is it a blog which rates and critiques them. No, it is literally My Life… at the Movies. It always has been blessedly so, and will forever remain exactly that. This fact was revisited this past weekend when MLatM made its first official adventure outside of Toronto.

In the way blue yonder known as “Collingwood” I collected some Scene Points and saw Green Lantern in glorious 3D. Now, for my regular readers, you are fully aware of my fanboy antics. I love all things “Nerd” and comic books are at the top of the list. That said, I HATE D.C. Comics! Though they have made some trades I treasure their ever ending multi-verse, cash grab tactics, and lackluster storylines make me want to wretch.

Thus, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Green Lantern. In the midst of my Race to 100, and my promise to cover this summer’s blockbusters, it was nevertheless inevitable that I see this film. What made the predecessory experience excruciating was knowing Ryan Reynolds was playing the lead. Another element I despised. Yet, I really liked this movie.

The 3D was excellent, (the best live action variety since Tron: Legacy), and the underlying narrative was bloody brilliant. Certainly simple when it came to dialog, but cleverly complex in concept. This is the type of movie I would take my hypothetical son to. It teaches those young enough to still appreciate a story that fear can be conquered. This is a truth I know very well. Much of my life is spent under the unbearable weight of doubt. I’m plagued by the belief that the pressures of life will crush me as they infinitely increase. They never do. Though I’ve been cursed with the pains of failure and isolation I have also been blessed with the courage to fight. Nothing has ever defeated me. In my moments of clarity I know that nothing ever will.

Seeing the character Hal Jordan go through an aggrandized struggle similar to my own, played out on a universe sized scale… it was impossible not to enjoy this movie, (Blake Lively certainly helped matters along as well). Again I echo the sentiment, “damn the critics!” This was a great movie, moment and reminder for me and my life at the movies.



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

    Yes I loved this! Such an interesting take on the film. I also thought this was a pretty good movie, regardless of what the majority of the critics were saying. The battle between fear and will has always been my favourite part of the Green Lantern comics. Great post Godfrey!

    • Anonymous

      Ya, I tried a few times to read Green Lantern. Not much Hal Jordan stuff though, mainly Kyle Rayner. I can’t believe they are rebooting the entire universe again! Anyways, that aside this movie was super duper cool! The introductory narrative was A-MA-ZING! That was some of the coolest 3D I have ever seen. That and the Guardians… those old dudes towering seats were slick as hell. Let’s hope there is a sequel, cause Mark Strong as Sinestro was awesome and I need more. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

        I think they’ve signed on for a trilogy, and I think the movies will only get better if they continue on. Sinestro is just badass, easily my favourite character in the movie. And I had the same attitude about the renumbering that you have a couple weeks ago. But now, I’m actually getting excited for it. Especially because Action Comics and Detective Comics (both at issue 902 and 877 respectively) re-starting for the first time ever. Clearly it’s a cash grab for the publishers, but it’s going to be interesting regardless I think.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome post, I was waiting for this one. I wish I could have been up there with you guys. I would have loved to see this movie with you. 

    • Anonymous

      Gerontzos and I are hitting up Beginners this weekend. You and I still have to make plans to catch something. You wanna do Dark of the Moon??? In IMAX 3D it is going to be an experience for the ages. Stoked you dug this one ;)

  • Anonymous

    So glad this was good!  Gotta say, based of the game Batman: Arkham Asylum and reading KIngdom Come, not this review, I’m starting to feel DC again!


    • Anonymous


      That said, I’d like all the things you just said. My issue is DC continuity. They’re cool in films, games, and trades… but comics (their “Detective’s” business) they seem to always frustrate me. Movie is super slick, and the 3D was even slicker! 

  • user99

    Glad to hear bro.  I really want to see this movie, though I’m really quickly falling behind in must see “theater” movies.  This one I will hit ! 

    thanks for always keeping a positive spin !

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