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Good Side/Bad Side


[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/02-A-Gift-Of-A-Thistle.mp3|titles=02 - A Gift Of A Thistle]

It’s amazing what inspires a love blog. Though their target’s always true, their independent discoveries are infinitely different. Sometimes they come in a moment, but often they span a few. This one however has demanded an eternity.

Initially it came to me while watching a movie. In the film there contained a love story and a token of the same. The token was presented in the form of a bracelet, and upon that bracelet was engraved the Roman god Janus. This two-headed diety once stood as a symbol of ‘entrance into,’ and the ‘journey through’ life’s seasons. The film interpreted this idea of ‘beginnings and ends’ in a very unique way. For its female lead the god represented the good and bad sides of every individual. She posited that every one had both, and to love someone means loving both in turn.

This idea made a major impression upon me. As a typical human being I tend to highlight my own assets while criticizing others faults. I view my interpretation of life as important… at times past the proper extent. And eventually the good I’ve created ends up introducing the bad.

It’s easy to view these tales of love as incredibly romantic. I write them in a way that makes them easily seen as such. However, I am no Romeo. Instead I sit upon a throne of madness like old King Lear, desperately in search of an answer to a question I’ve now lost.  Like people, a relationship has a good side and a bad side. One the believing strength and the other a destructive force.

The latter consumes me often, and ever more it seems the evil’s me. Enveloping my soul via anger, despair, and apathetic silence. Gripping these black crutches I’ve been found believing in their blasphemy. Dragging dark footsteps through the tracks of my own dark circles.

Weary and worn I fall further into this nightmare. Mockery encircles me and disgust falls like spit off the lips of onlookers. The cackles of the crowd make me question my dedication. Pressure pushes me and logic works with precision to promote surrender…. but alas I never do.

This has been my journey, and I write it all in truth. Though the bad has long possessed me I’ve never forgotten my good… is you.


  • Anonymous

    Love is almost always 2 amongst the many. Fates factors contrive to end the blessed union more than they align to further kindle the flame.

  • Anonymous

    Love is almost always 2 amongst the many. Fates factors contrive to end the blessed union more than they align to further kindle the flame.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for always supporting me as blood… first above all! You will never, ever, know how much I love you big bro.

  • Chris Elliott

    Great piece man. Loved the music and pictures. This was another very interesting way of looking at this topic. I loved it. Applause sir.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for always reading, and enjoying the accompanying elements. It definitely was an interesting look. I don’t know how happy I am with it, but I do know there is no piece I have worked on longer.

  • KWgirl

    Very interesting piece. I’m assuming the bracelet was on “The Tourist” with Angelina & Johnny Depp? I had never heard of the Roman god Janus before, but I love it and it totally makes sense.
    Everyone has 2 sides…I guess the trick is to convert the bad side to the good side….I”m still learning that one:)

    • Anonymous

      Aww, mom :)

      Yes, you are right it is from “The Tourist.” And I think we are all trying to be good people, and that’s a really hard thing to do. But it’s an admirable thing.

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