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Good Mourning Mrs. Brown

Brendon O’Carroll and Mrs. Brown’s Boys returned to Toronto this week for a limited engagement. Thanks to the love of a few Facebook friends, (and a packed house), this Irish comedy troupe came back to kick ass! From lights dimmed to the standing ovation the laughter never ceased. And it certainly didn’t stop amongst your three favorite bloggers:

Chris Elliott: Profanity is often used as cheap humor. Writers shamelessly pen curse-words into scripts in hopes of entertaining the masses. This assumption frequently results in cricket-filled audiences, but this was not the case last night.

I’m not Irish. I don’t know a lot of Irish people. However, for some reason their humor touched my funny bone in an utterly infectious manner. The ad-lib-heavy comedy written by O’Carroll resembled the unconventional improv methods made famous by Saturday Night Live.

The script allowed, and often promoted moments where the actors could step out of character and laugh. With charm, vulgarity, and of course good writing this dynamic cast pulled off a certified four star performance.

John Gerontzos: It’s said that a show is only as good as its script, and Mrs. Brown is a perfect example of exactly that. However, without capable actors to deliver/adlib the lines, a brilliant script would go to waste.

Brendan O’Carroll is a crowd pleaser and a show stealer.  I can’t remember the last time I laughed as hysterically!  O’Carroll was relentless with his delivery, to the point that he had his cast members (Rory Cowan in particular,) in stitches.  Call it unprofessional, but I call it passionate!  The rest of the cast was stellar as well. In particular Fiona O’Carroll who was both endearing and charismatic as the very pregnant Maria Brown. Being Dreamland’s resident sports nut it’s safe to say that Brendan O’Caroll played like Aaron Rodgers , while the cast was like the Packers receiving core.  Good Mourning Mrs Brown was a comedy “Superbowl” performance!

Jon Godfrey: Thumbs up, touch down, and hands clapping. I tell ya what, this is not my cup of tea. I’m more one for the dramatic. That said… I was literally howling at the hilarity this play presented. Fiona O’Carroll had me thinking <3 Blog, and Mrs. Brown himself had me reminiscing over similar film fanfare. Most of all, us boys were together, shit the whole family was together… and we had a great time.

Thank you Mirvish

Thank you Mrs. Brown


The Dreamland Staff


  • Anonymous

    It was nice to read both see this show and build this blog. When it comes to writing exercises I’m always down for new ones. This had to be near the top of the list for most enjoyable. I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I did. I also hope the good people at Mirvish and the cast know how grateful we all are.

  • Sharlene Gerontozos

    This play was amazing in an unpretentious and LOL way. Loved it!

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. It definetly was not on the levelof Phantom or a Chicago but that was the point! It was nice to be able to go to the theatre and let loose!

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