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Girl Power… Hi-Ya!

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/01-Hannas-theme.mp3|titles=01 Hanna's theme]

The return of the MLatM Double Feature! It’s been nearly two months since I last crafted a two-fold cinematic blogging experience. Not only was the “Double Feature” my first expansive idea, it has also grown considerably since its initial publication. Beginning as just a team up tale it has now grown into a thesis focused feature. The qualifications for a Double Feature remain simplistic, and to prove it let me share the only two qualifications. First, the film must be seen in the theater. Second, it must share a thematic element with the other theatrical viewing it accompanies.

Today’s topic is already evident thanks to the title above: Strong Women. With the advent of Sucker Punch Spring has quickly blossomed into a brilliant array of tough-chick-flicks. In this season of the witch many a man may be feeling a slight sense of discomfort. It’s difficult to sit silently while the fairer sex fights all the battles. However, no amount of action to the contrary will ever fully suppress a handmaid’s tale.

The beauty of a woman’s strength rests in her calm assurance. While men wail for victory, women strike without a whisper and capture the flag. What we males never understand is the same thing we fail to accept: women are not only strong without us, but inspite of the same as well.

Soul Surfer: integrity, determination and confidence all begin with seed like origins. If permitted the proper light and attention such qualities can grow within the hearts of any girl. Bethany Hamilton is certainly a shining example of extensive growth in all these categories and more.

Born into a surf-rich tradition Bethany had her arm taken from her in a freak shark attack at the age of thirteen. Determined to overcome this career ending obstacle she not only returned to the sport, she conquered it like she did her trauma. Soul Surfer is the movie that relives these events for the silver screen. Set to speak to young girls everywhere I hope those that listen see the obstacles they can overcome.

Hanna: For the last few weeks I’ve been enjoying this movies score thanks to the streaming files shared by the studio. Seeing it enlivened on screen has changed everything though. The accompanying visuals of Hanna’s quest for independence brought considerable depth to the Chemical Brothers masterful work.

Not only is Hanna a movie about an X-23 like assassin trained from birth, it’s also a tale about the splendor of the feminine. Billed as the Bourne Identity for babes, it is additionally an artistic look at the beauties of vulnerability amidst the violence.

Without a woman’s touch the muck and mire of life would never settle into soil and blossom the blessings we all look for. Peace, hope, and soft lips… with the gift of the last the first two fall into place . For there is only one thing better than a strong woman… loving one.

Here’s to all the strong women in my life at the movies.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the write up On ‘Soul Surfer’ for Sony. The movie was really well made and very heart-felt. We had a great weekend at $11.5 mil so go out and see it folks! It’s a shining light in a time where most films coming out are very dark!

    • Anonymous

      It definitely is a ray of hope in this state of collective anxiety. Also, so happy to keep up with this girl power theme by releasing a blog titled exactly that. Furthermore, I can see this concept find additional life thanks to the blu ray we just watched, Evangelion 2.22.

  • KWgirl

    Two movies I actually plan on going to see….I think I will be seeing Soul Surfer on my own as it’s not your dads style. I’m excited to see how Carrie Underwood does in it. I haven’t heard anything about Hanna but if it’s like Bourne, I’m there:)

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