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Gentlemen’s Club: Frank Correnti Cigars

I’m not a Connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination. However, I have smoked a lot of cigars in my 23 years. Cigars, from literally all over the world. This past week, I had the pleasure of enjoying festivities at my company’s summer party. As it turned out, my company had paid for cigar rollers to join the party and give away free cigars all night. I thought at first, that they would be terrible, and poorly rolled given the fact that they were free. I could not have been more mistaken. 

I smoked about 5 of them throughout the course of the night. After my first couple, the guy running the cigar booth(Jeff Miller) and I started talking. He was basically telling me about the company history and how it started. As it turns out, Frank Correnti Cigars is a 4 generation family business that started in 1956. There are a few very unique things about this brand. One being, the fact that they are Cuban cigars – made in Toronto.  They import leaves from Cuba and roll them (By hand) in their factory on King Street. What I think separates a Correnti cigar from others, is the fact that they are mild enough to enjoy, but distinctive enough to recognize. It has to do with the way they cure the leaves. 

Jeff also went into detail about certain celebrities that love his cigars. Charlie Sheen and Bill Clinton; just to name a few. As he continued his story and recalled certain events of his, his father, and his grandfather’s careers, I could really feel the passion and labour of love that goes into the legacy that is Frank Correnti Cigars. 

If you love cigars, and have a great appreciation for fine, well rolled tobacco, I urge you to check them out. Below is a link to their website.



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    It is really nice that you got to try different kinds of cigars in your lifetime. And the nice thing is there are a lot of nice and delicious cigars waiting to be tasted!

  • garth ethan

    Thanks for the post.  It seems they make best cigars from imported Cuban leaf and their prices are beneath than bisected of what I’m paying for agnate Cuban alien cigars.


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