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Frank’s Chop Shop

Yesterday I went to Toronto’s New Era Flagship Store in hopes of finding a Diamond Supply Co. fitted; but alas, there were no Nicky Diamonds exclusives to be found. However, the trip was far from a complete waste of time.

Despite being unable to find some L.A. swag, I did discover a little N.Y. flavor with fitteds from “Frank’s Chop Shop.” Benjamin Franklin embroidered urban-wear from a service heavy New York City barbershop. Weird?! I know, so I got to surfing and discovered the following:

“The Brain Child” of Michael Malbon, Frank’s Chop Shop is the flagship barbershop of the business-minded group “Frank 151.” This 3-chair retro men’s lounge houses both talented artists and wearable art. With straight-blade shaves and haircuts ranging from $30-60 some may think them pricey. However, considering the fact their barbers are hand-picked, their skills celeb worthy, and the ambiance exclusive in nature… the cost seems more then reasonable.

For out-of-towners like myself, Frank’s offers their “Key to the City” concierge service. Whether you’re going to New York for a bachelor party or romantic excursion they are more then happy to aid you with the arrangements.

Celebrated in such publications as XXL, The New York Times, and Complex magazine Frank’s has had locals buzzing for years. Not being a local my interest in their shop rests primarily in their exports, (I.E. their clothing). In house they sell t-shirts and their own custom jewelry, but thanks to their partnership with New Era, their hats are sold worldwide.

These fitteds are all embroidered with a symbol befitting the American legend that is Benjamin Franklin. Furthermore, each hat is stitched with a famous Franklin quote underneath the brim. It’s a classy take on a current trend, and I’m only waiting for payday to buy one. The history and culture that is invested into this product is inspiring. Trust this won’t be my last blog regarding Frank 151 products ;)

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Method Man sporting an FCS fitted:


  • Anonymous

    First, awesome find man! I would LOVE to hang out at this spot, it’s so damn fresh.
    Second, not a fan of the busy fitted. The more that’s on it the lestt I like it (a la Marvel). Having no affiliation to this compay it would be tough for me to rock a random fitted. I do it for the love AND the style, not just the style.

    • Anonymous

      I agree! I grew up tutored by a father obsessed with Ben Franklin. To have a fitted both adorned with Franklin symbolism, and a quote that reads “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing,” I have to get it! I can’t wait to blog about Frank 151. This organization is amazing!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

    This is dope man. I love hearing about stuff like this. Great blog.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks man. Wait until you see my blog on their parent company “Frank 151.”

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