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For the Love of the Game

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Mt-Eden-Dubstep-Sierra-Leone.mp3|titles=Mt Eden Dubstep - Sierra Leone]

I lost my heart on a baseball field. Adrift the Astro Turf is where I last smelled romance; where I last saw you smile. Pirates stirred in near-by waters threatening to finally break us. The last thing I remember hearing is the charm in your laugh… my life still echoes with the giggles. More sense memory metaphors, you know how much I love to write them.

Truth be told I lost my heart on a baseball field. And there was a smile, some Pirates, and a laugh. There and then I learned what I wanted would never be mine. It was a cold walk home, and a dark reality. My mind wrote stories to escape the one I was living in. The ink dried up, and the pages ran out, what was there to be romantic about?

Baseball. It seems I’d forgotten about the game. When I was a kid I played like every other set of sneakers running. Sandlot strictly, religiously, and with a fervent passion. It gave birth to my collector’s mentality; Panini’s sticker book in ’88 was bordering on biblical.

At first it was hard for me to find fun off the field, but in 1991 all of that changed. The National League crowned a champion the sights of which I’d never seen. The Atlanta Braves entered the 91’ season still stinking of disappointment. Then, one-hundred-and-sixty games later, they were basking in post season glory.

A year later they came to my hometown, and I will never forget the outrage. In the Braves I met one of the most impressive villains I’d ever come across, and the reality of such romanced me. Though they lost to the Jays, they survived defeat to become the most successful team of the decade. They taught me many lessons that came back to me the day I lost my heart.

Sometimes you lose. Sometimes the best laid efforts go to waste. Sometimes… the villain becomes the hero. I pray to see the last point proven true again someday soon. I pray this is a step forward, and not just more of the same. Either way I wrote this not for you, but for the love of the game.


  • Chris Elliott

    God damn, Jon Godfrey. You just stepped into a whole new realm with this piece. Chills once again. Great song, great intro and Fabulous metaphoric imagery. This blog is a true gem, much appreciated and much respected. 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks my man. Always appreciate the kind words!

      • Chris Elliott

        And I the efforts!
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  • sabrina

    good blog!

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