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Exhibit: Nathan Sawaya – Yellow

From 1989-1994 whether it was my birthday, Christmas, or our annual family trip when it came to getting gifts all I wanted was Lego. From the Forestmen to the Black Knight’s I was obsessed with constructing the ultimate Lego army. Then puberty kicked in, and from the mysterious hair to the curious urges life became too complicated to include time for brick building.

However, in recent years my interest in the Danish toy company has reemerged. It started with the introduction of the “Star Wars” sets, and was continuously fostered by their video games. Thereafter I became passionate about their Frank Lloyd Wright “Architecture” series, (I still want the breathtaking “Fallingwater” model). Yet what has reignited my adoration the most is artist Nathan Sawaya.

Nathan Sawaya is a self-taught sculptor who uses Lego to create some of the most impressive pieces of artwork I’ve ever seen. Individual items from his collection can be found in Museums all over America. He has also done commission work for celebrities like comedian Stephen Colbert and billionaire Donald Trump. Yet, of all his sculptures there is none more impressionable upon me then “Yellow.”

Yellow is a faceless male bust opening up to the world. The character and depth behind this lifelike statue is something I’ve pondered for quite some time. The color scheme, cascading bricks, and the open chest cavity are just a few of the details that have led me to question its underlying emotions. It’s been said that a picture paints a thousand words, but when looking at Yellow all I can think of is one: ‘vulnerable.’

Being a hopeless romantic I am a sucker for inspiration. Whether it be from music, movies, or “The Dark Lady” they all remind me that life is beautiful. “Yellow” itself reawakens me to the truth that there is strength in the ability to expose one’s weakness. Thank you Mr. Sawaya!

Visit His Website: http://www.brickartist.com

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Vitamin-String-Quartet-Yellow.mp3|titles=Vitamin String Quartet - Yellow]


  • Brian

    Love the track attached to this piece… I felt like the worlds smartest kid while reading it.

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