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Evangelion 2.22

The passion powering this series is relentless. Like a rough stone rolling it’s impossible to stop the momentum behind MLatM. Though not every piece is received with overwhelming accolades, they are all equally valuable to the overall project. Consider the Krull edition for example. For almost six months I’ve been debating the idea of including an occasional guest writer. Seeing the response to this first effort solidified the fact that this concept will be a mainstay.

Furthermore, I would like to share with you how this all relates to the Golden Road. In the last few weeks I’ve taken several strides along this alluring path. Like I stated previously the Golden Road will conclude in December with a set of awards all its own; I would like to share with you the first of these today.

The Readers Choice Award: This one may be the most important, and currently Krull has taken a commanding lead. The Readers Choice award relates to the blogs themselves. The MLatM with the best overall reception, (via Likes, Tweets, Shares and Comments) will be crowned with this titled tiara. So if you enjoy MLatM, be sure to state which one you like the most.

In the meantime, back before you expected, John Gerontzos! Today he brings to us the perspective of a new fan of Evangelion.

I’ve been an anime fan since high-school.  When I would hear fellow nerds wax philosophical over Evangelion I always snubbed my nose.  I just couldn’t get into mechs!  This, coupled with the fact I always enjoyed more “visceral” anime, turned me off the series.

Jon was kind enough to bring over Evangelion 1.11 awhile back.  To my behest he played it and I was surprised by how heart-warming it was.  However, while I did enjoy the story and lore I was still not convinced that this was “the best anime ever created.”

Then, my reality check via Evangelion 2.22!

Watching this film on blu ray was visually orgasmic.  With the origin story out of the way the writers now concentrated more on character and plot development.  What this meant to my senses was akin to jumping into a cool swimming pool on a hot summer day… pure ecstasy! Once the closing credits hit I was left floored.  Stunned at the conclusion, awed with the presentation, impressed by the complex world and sadly upset I have to wait another few years for Part 3!

For those who want to start watching anime but don’t know what to pick up first, I highly recommend this series, especially 2.22!

For me it’s all about the film’s new character Asuka! This arrogant perfectionist reminds me of a beauty a tad more tangible. There is something about a bold and brash woman that though frustrating… makes me smile. Seeing her relive her angered anxiety in 1080P was just as enjoyable as the two times I saw it in theaters. Add to that forty minutes of bonus features and you have yourselves a top notch Blu Moon disc. What is Blu Moon? Check out some of my previous blu-ray ready blogs to find out. However, more details remain forthcoming; another step down the Golden Road to look forward to.

For now, let’s celebrate all that has already been accomplished here in my life at the movies ;)


  • Anonymous

    Loved this flcik man! I’m so depressed that the next one will come when I’m even older than I am now!

    • Anonymous

      I have a feeling it will be releasing in Japan before 2011 is over. Fingers crossed I’m right. This will mean we will be seeing it in theaters sometime 2012. Until then I want to go to PacMall this summer and buy the whole series on DVD. I want a sick collectors pack.

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  • Anonymous

    anime chicks are so hot.

    • Anonymous

      They really are… and Asuka is my fav. You would love these movies. I think any fan of cinema would really appreciate Evangelion.

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