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Evangelion 1.11 & The Watchmen Ultimate Cut

I left my parents house long ago. Their wonderfully remodeled condo in Waterloo was our last familial home. I loved that house, especially the basement and its entertainment outlets. My father like any hard-working-North-American-male enjoyed his electronics, and more often then not liked to out-flex his friends with new-age buys.

One of the most impressionable purchases he ever made was a Sony DVD player. The advancement of DVD technology changed my movie going experience exponentially. Digital imaging, multi-channel sound, and extra features… not to mention the option of ‘special-edition’ packaging! To put it plainly DVD’s made watching movies at home better… and then they invented Blu-Ray.

***Evangelion 1.11***

After watching Evangelion 2.0 last week I tracked down a copy of 1.11 on Blu Ray to catch up on what I’d missed. Like it’s sequel it was an epic re-imagining of the original series; a hi-definition take on a highly acclaimed narrative.

Containing the origins of Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, and their EVA’s this film was fan-boy ready before I popped it in the player. To put it in laymen’s terms: it’s an introductory tale about a world at war with God. Fighting off His angelic forces humanity utilizes giant mechanical life-forms as their last-line of defense. Controlled by gifted children, the surviving nations depend on them to defeat their divine nemesis. Furthermore, the puppet-masters who control these children begin to delve into forbidden dogma and long-lost-apocryphal texts to survive the ongoing Armageddon.

Mixed in 6.1 surround and aided by new-age 3D animation not only was the story beautiful, it was told beautifully. All that’s left to do is to buy 2.22 on Blu Ray when it is released in March.

***The Watchmen Ultimate Cut***

Shortly after watching Evangelion it was time to embark on the greatest Blu Ray to date: The Watchmen Ultimate Cut. This 3 hour and 30+ minute cut of the film has become the only way to enjoy it… at least for the real fans.

The big screen adaptation of the most popular comic book of all time, “The Watchmen” tells the tale of what it means to be a superhero. In addition it tells the story with the visual stylings of the comic it’s based on.

Another apocalyptic story about a world on the verge of disaster, this movie tells a story about the weight of the crown. Protecting the world has led those entrusted with such a task to become disillusioned and broken. The most interesting character of the lot is Dr. Manhattan. The transcendent moment wherein he realizes the reality of miracles remains one of the greatest cinematic moments to date.

Seeing it in 1080P also helped. Add in the fact it includes the “Black Freighter” storyline and you have some serious classic material.

Years ago my father upgraded my home theater experience. These days my buddy John has provided the same. Watching these movies in Cinemotion at his house was epic. Now I HAVE to get a Blu Ray player for my house and my life at the movies.


  • Anonymous

    Yes Yes thank you thank you (takes bow). My system DOES rock! I AM just like your father where I have to be better than everyone else in regards to elctro-gear. TRUE SAY!

    And seriously…I heard ANOTHER criticism of WATCHMEN the other day. These people are hacks! in 1080p blur ray 120hz cinemotion ultimate collecters set glory I have NEVER seen a better movie! BOOM!

    • Anonymous

      People that don’t like The Watchmen are the same crowd that don’t like the Matrix sequels… You know what happens to those people? They look like idiots cause Snyder’s dropping “Sucker Punch” and “Superman,” and the Wachowski’s are dropping “MATRIX 4 & 5!!!”

      I say we hit up some more Fan-Boy Blu Rays soon. My pick is the incredible “Speed Racer.” The others, as always, is yours. LET ME KNOW!!!

  • Rachel

    Awww…. I didn’t like Watchmen, but I did like the Matrix sequels, well the last one at least….so what does that mean? Ok, so maybe I just didn’t get the whole Watchmen movie…I was thoroughly confused……
    BTW, just get a PS3 ans skip the Blu Ray player!!!

    • Anonymous

      You know what that means my dear… watch it again :) I honestly love that movie sooooooooooooooo much. As for PS3 I’m still uncertain about it. I might just get the new Sony 3D Blu Ray Player instead.

  • user99

    yo, this is good review indeed. I love Watchmen. They way it forced every viewer to be torn between the deaths of millions and the possibility of world peace. Thanks Jon, Keep up the good work.

    • Anonymous

      Thx buddy. Honestly, it’s so refreshing to be reminded how many people love this movie. The subject matter is so dense and overwhelming that for many people it is too complex to enjoy. I get that, it’s not brain candy… it’s a meal. Yet, what a meal it is.

      Also, if you haven’t watched Eva… you will love it! LOVE IT!

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