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Easy A Blu Ray/DVD

The 80’s was known for many things; androgyny, crazy fashions and teen-angst flicks!  Films such as The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off all reminded us how hard (and cool) it was to be a teenager.  Unfortunately the 80’s are long gone, and with it, the innocence of such film making.

But with the release of the hit comedy “Easy-A” to BluRay/DVD this December 21st that 80’s vibe is back!  The film stars the beautifully quirky Emma Stone; and is about a girl who starts a rumor she can’t escape.  Subsequently, her performance in this film has catapulted her into Hollywood’s A-List!

Check out your local Best Buy or Future Shop on the 21st and have yourself a hilarious Christmas morning while opening up your presents!

(Easy-A review here)


  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone was amazing… I failed to find a moment in this movie I didn’t enjoy. Great pick and a film everyone looking for a smile should see!

    • Anonymous

      Love me some #EmmaStone!

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