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Dylan Leeder (Life)

Great Big Sea – When I’m Up (I can’t get down)

I recently started painting landscape impressionist pieces, and the type of photography that this man consistently produces continue to inspire my momentum and curiosity. I’m not much of they wildlife-outdoorsy-explorer type, however I do appreciate the natural beauty inevitably found within this amazing planet.

Dylan has a way of capturing the most pristine moments behind his camera, and every time he releases new material, I become more and more entranced with his vision. My chance encounter with him over a year ago was short-lived, but regardless I was extremely grateful for it. Whenever I am granted the privilege to meet someone who I find truly talented, I make a conscious effort to appreciate their gift.

These pictures mean more to me than just aesthetically pleasing photographs. They act as a looking-glass into a similar fantasy. A synonymous dream. A shared sense of imagination and state of mind.

Check out these powerful Newfoundland landscape shots below.

Visit Dylan’s website and blog here.


  • Anonymous

    Great piece. It is always great to see the diversity of arts you enjoy, especially still life. 

    • Chris Elliott

      Thanks man. I really dig this guy. Always have. I have high hopes for his career. We’ll see where he takes it. 

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