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Drive It Like You Stole it – King Fantastic REMIX

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Drive-It-Like-You-Stole-It-King-Fantastic-Remix.mp3|titles=Drive It Like You Stole It (King Fantastic Remix)]

To me inspiration seems transient.  It’s difficult for me to be thoroughly impressed.  Not sure if its years of stagnancy or not, but you better bring you’re A-game to motivate me.

Well, I’m impressed!

My homie Jon Godfrey got me on that #newnew recently with the legendary King Fantastic (check his piece here).  Being the consummate researcher I studied all there is to know about the man, and along the way found this high-octane anthem by him and DJ Troublemaker.  It’s not so much a remix of the epic ‘The Glitch Mob’ electronic beat but a re-imagining.

Killer Reese’s lyrics literally grab me by the collar and rattle me to the core.  The backdrop slams me into the driver’s seat of an F1 racer and dares me to gun it.  It’s ryder music folks, and if you have a car  you need to slide this in the deck and’ put the petal to the floor — cause we gone roll this shit!’

Thank you to King Fantastic for getting me off my ass!



  • Anonymous

    Good work and good find. It’s good to see you adding to the rap game here on Dreamland… I’ve been patiently waiting and I’m pleasantly surprised.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks homie, this guy got skills and I felt it necessary to showcase that. Now if I could only write my Andre Nickatina piece!

  • Sharlene Gerontzos

    Wicked track! West side!

    • Anonymous


  • Chris Elliott

    This joint is cold as hell. Love it. I’ve been sleepin on homie, but that will stop today. Unreal.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! You need a damn parka for how cold this is!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    you know i’m lovin’ the king right now : )

    • Anonymous

      I know you do! Super fan!

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