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I flashback to Mr. McCarthy’s art class and his lessons on negative space :S

In art, “Negative Space,” is the space around the subject and not the subject itself. Sometimes this opposing space is utilized by art/artists to create an image all its own. This aesthetic is difficult to use, easy to enjoy, and prevalent throughout every frame and feature of Nicalos Winding Refn’s “Drive.”

Whereas most filmmakers create an audio/visual narrative focused upon direct and apparent techniques, Refn and his writers {Hossein Amini (Screenplay) & James Sallis (Book)} do the opposite. With no regard for the mainstream Refn sniffed a couple lines of Risky Business, covered his cameras in 80’s lenses and his sets in neon lights. As his film captured Gosling and his hyper-violent day-in-the-life escapades, his recorders scoured the sound-waves for some serious teen spirit. Combining to create an experience jolting audiences everywhere; I have to admit I too fell in electric love.

This film after just an initial viewing is unquestionably up for some Golden Babies. Nicalos Winding Refn (Best Director); Ryan Gosling (Best Actor); and of course… BEST FILM!!! Refn has quickly found a place on my “director’s to watch” list. And with a remake of “Logan’s Run” on his future resume, (starring his new muse, Ryan Gosling), I‘m excited to see his career develop. His current celluloid won Best Director honors at Cannes earlier this year, and was consumed with vigor at TIFF earlier this month. Fellow blogger John Gerontzos assured me of its infinite merits, and in no time it was September 16th and I was watching it opening night.

Not only was I fascinated by its use of negative space in both visual and audio elements, but also within the story and script itself. Gosling’s nameless lead is the sole focus of the film. For nearly its entirety we see things strictly from his POV. The heists found new life in his car instead of the cracked safe, and the script finds smiles in his silence instead of his dialog. It’s something you have to see to believe. So get to it!

Another highly recommended film from me and my life at the movies.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

    I absolutely loved every part of this movie. Although the beginning was rather slow, the awkwardness made it feel so incredibly 80s with a ton of indie influence. The opening scene was phenomenal, one of the best I’ve seen start a movie in a long time. I’ll admit this movie was nothing I expected, especially after the first half hour or so. But once it turns up the heat and the tension, it is incredible. The soundtrack is amazing, so weird, but wonderful. I really hope this gets nominated for an Oscar. Ryan Gosling is quickly becoming one of my favourite actors. Can’t wait to see him and Clooney in the Ides of March. Sick blog homie!

    • Anonymous

      I noticed your tweets/fb messages regarding the film, and I was happy to hear you enjoyed it as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the movie, and as for Ides, I hope to see/blog about it in the next two weeks.

  • Chris Elliott

    Great piece man. I’ve been burning to see this flick since I saw the trailer. Definitely next on my list. I have such a respect for anything Ryan Gosling does, as he is one of Hollywood’s brightest talents. Thanks for the recommendation. ALSO, Nat and I saw “Don’t be afraid of the dark” on the weekend. I read her your review and that, along with the trailer sold her. Thanks again homie. 

    • Anonymous

      Did ya’ll enjoy “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”? A lot of people didn’t, but as you know I loved it. I am very interested to hear your input. 

  • Anonymous

    I saw this the first show in the morning on Friday because I just couldn’t wait any longer than that to see it. Absolutely incredible film and you got all that I loved about it – the silence, the space, the bursts of extreme violence. And right from the start and those weird pink credits it had such an 80s vibe to it, which just made it even more great. He’s such an interesting character too, also a throwback to Bogart and the hardboiled assholes that roamed around in the 40s. I have to read this book now, but I really just want to see this movie again and get lost in the world of Driver, who says little and sees everything. 

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, his character is a brooding beast. Total warrior.

      I wanna see it again soon as well, just to get notes for Pieces… which I gotta start writing again. This Tumblr has me so distracted, LOL.

  • Anonymous

    You know how I feel about this movie.  When i saw it a few months ago I automatically put it at the top of my list for the year.  Although this year is not over it is definitely my favorite.

    Gosling is my new favorite actor.  Between this and Ides of March he has done some AMAZING work!  Glad to see a southern ontario boy gettin’ in the mix!

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget Crazy, Stupid, Love and Blue Valentine. I concur, the guys career is explosive this year.

      • Anonymous

        Those don’t count as I have not seen them.

  • http://twitter.com/farsyte Fabian Torres

    This movie was incredible. The heist gone wrong formula has been done to death but Refn and Gosling find a way to breathe fresh air into that formula. Nothing is ever out of place and it all finds great balance. I think Gosling tapped into his Blue Valentine character when he was around Irene and Benicio but he turned into a whole different beast when he wasn’t…he sees red whenever he protects what he cares for…and when he gets in a car it’s quite the opposite, he’s calm and focused…I just wish that hammer would have hit the bullet.

    • Anonymous

      Well said Fabs… very well said. We have to catch a movie together again soon. It has definitely been far too long since I last heard your your sense spoken. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.bonsu Joe Osei Bonsu

    This was hands down one of the best movies of 2011! What really makes the movie was the build up and the character relations. Agree with Jon when I say this is definitely Oscar material. 

    • Anonymous

      Appreciate the love fam… so sorry it took so long to see this comment. Thanks for always reading and supporting. 

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