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Dreamland Apparel pre-orders now available

Hey Everyone!

First of all, we would like to thank you for joining the Dreamland Apparel Facebook fan page and mailing list. As many of you know, we are releasing our first official clothing launch this spring, featuring all new garments. We are very excited about the line and we hope that you are too!

Secondly, we would like to address the main question on everybody’s mind; When can we buy the clothes? The garments are officially available for pre-order as of today. If you choose to pre-order garments, the good news is, you will be the first to receive it when it’s ready. There will however, be a 4- 5 week waiting period while the shirts are being made.

The first shipment of product will be placed mid-to-late April and in our hands as of early May. After this period, you may order product off of the Dreamland Apparel website and receive direct shipping within 2-6 business days of your initial order.

All orders placed through the website will be processed through Paypal.

Any further questions can be directed through our contact page on the website:


Thanks Again and Enjoy!

Brian and Chris


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