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Drake – Marvin’s Room

Drake’s forthcoming sophomore album, Take Care, is quickly starting to shape up. Upon the release of the intro to the album Dreams Money Can Buy, his somber, and ominous flow was once again evident. Marvin’s Room is no exception.

On songs like this, Drake leaves his rapper hat at home and liberates the intimate honesty, fans have grown to know and love him for. His half-Rap-half-R&B skill set has certainly served this reflective track well, as he flawlessly weaves in and out of spoken and sung verses. Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of his audio presence is the language in which he uses. Some might argue his vulgarity is unnecessary in such a beautiful song. However, it’s his story to tell, and by not censoring himself in any way, it allows for a much more validated sense of authenticity.

Being a faithful fan, this is what I expect from Drake, and it undoubtably provides a comforting insight to what we can expect for the album.


Drake – Marvin’s Room



  • Anonymous

    THIS IS DOPE!!! Told you he was still torn, LOL!

    This is that T-Dot feel; this is my type of music.

    • Chris Elliott

      You’re very right about that sir. Evidently he is very torn still. Dope shit though eh? Take Care is going to be a beast!!!

  • Anonymous

    Now I can definetly get down with this Drake track!

    • Chris Elliott

      I’m glad you dig it brother. He’s on his shit right now for sure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    i really like this song :)
    oh yah …. and i can’t wait for his concert!!

    • Chris Elliott

       Sooooo jealous you’re going and I’m not!

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