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Drake – Dreams Money Can Buy

He has eluded to it in it his interviews. We’ve heard tid-bits of it in his features. Alas, the Toronto-raised emcee is making it blatantly obvious; he’s finally comfortable with the fact that he is extremely famous and exceedingly rich. Throughout his debut album Thank Me Later, many of his lyrics depicted a certain struggle, or conflict between his old life and his new found freedom (or lack there of). It was quite clear that (admittedly) he had no idea how to deal with the massive shift in his life’s path.

As the intro to his new album entitled Take Care, Drake uses Dreams Money Can Buy, as a method of letting fans know, that this time around, he’s not so apprehensive. This song is a clear-cut message, communicating the fact that he is no longer making excuses for his lifestyle. He is constantly surrounded by women, cars, drugs and money, and as cliche as that may be, he’s comfortable with it.

Drake is an artist who puts an extreme amount of emotion and honesty into his lyrics.  On this 40 produced ballad, his emotions are masked, but still crystal clear. It’s a liberating feeling when you admit to yourself and others that you’re happy. And who says money can’t buy that?

Drake – Dreams Money Can Buy



  • Anonymous

    Chris back on the grind baby!

    First, VERY well written.  It’s something Ive thought ive seen in Drake’s music but was never able to properly express.  Well done.

    Second, not a fan of this track.  The beat never drew me in, but thats just me and I’m sure millions will love this!

    • Chris Elliott

       Fair enough dog. That’s why we’re all different. I personally love it, but that has a lot to do with the fact that 40 produced it. I’m slowly starting to recognize a theme in his production and I really dig it. He just did a joint with Sade and Jay-Z and it came out really ominous and powerful. I think you would really dig it. Check this link out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adOUY8Ue9LU

    • Anonymous

      I really love this beat. I love how subtle the chorus is and it’s just woven into the track like smoke. I’m not really a drake fan at all. Actually made it all the way through this track haha

  • Anonymous

     I knew this was coming Friday morning when I saw him on twitter. I told Colin and then forgot… then he tweeted me the track. The old man was sleeping, but I got it free off of Octobersveryown and I’ve been bumping it ever since. I still see his apprehension in this; certainly there is an acceptance, but I still sense he feels no one gets him… and he still is unsure of how that effects him. That is a take on a truth I know nothing about, but that is neither here nor there, I am glad he’s back and bumpin!

    • Chris Elliott

      I definitely see what you mean about carried over apprehension. But I think he’s finally coming into the realization that this is his life. Like, I think this track is almost a statement of commencement. Like this is the beginning of his official citizenship of that world. 

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