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Do You Believe In Magic?


[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/CD1-08-Kusare-Umi-Ni-Te-In-The-Polluted-Sea.mp3|titles=CD1 - 08 - Kusare-Umi Ni Te (In The Polluted Sea)]

For over a year now I’ve been bleeding out over this blog. I’ve dug into my depths and told a faceless few about my pain. I’ve been falling for so long that I’ve run out of metaphors to explain the descent. All that there’s left to do is look up and head in the same direction.

The Search pushed me towards such, but I needed more motivation to insure movement. I started asking myself questions, one stuck and spun in circles, “do you believe in magic?” In a young girl’s heart or elsewhere I wondered. An ample amount of deduction led me to reason that if I did, I must first admit that the craft has a dark side: evil incantations to lead souls to the spider’s bed; wicked witches out collecting spirits and drunk off the same; and wizardry so ill it inspires evil.

Yet, every dusk has its dawn. Although there are men, women, and relationships corrupted by curses, there are also charms. Kisses turn frogs into princes and wake sleeping beauties. Finding somebody, smiling as they do, and enjoying the space beyond each other’s eyes is the magic we all wish for. Yet we yield in its presence fearing it will control us. Magic is mastered by few because of reluctance. Hesitation and doubt destroy our chances at participating in the prestige. It’s out there, but the science that holds us together tries to keep us from it. At least this is what I admit to myself, because though I’ve practiced with the pretty I’ve yet to find a spell that’s binding.

From time to time I allow myself to be lost in a trance. Being tossed about brings clarity, and the visions that ensue become crystal. I see a woman without form for she’s made of merits and morals. Sensitive and understanding; mystic characteristics thought long lost. She has lips sweet as ambrosia, lips that whisper wonders, lips that strike a smile and spark the same in turn. She has faults as well, but so do I, for what’s a brew without a “tongue of dog” or the “scale of dragon”? It’s false, for if love is magic its strength is in its sum and not its parts. Meaning, nobody’s perfect, but I think we’d be perfect together.


Oh mysterious muse, you evanesce when the trance is over. Yet all is not lost because your visions mark achievements. I smile now in odd moments, and magic… I admit that I believe it.


  • Alessandra Colella

    I believe in Magic — and so happy that you do too! You will find that binding spell …I know it!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Alessan… I’m happy you liked it, and that at least yourself and Tony have found that magic that I mention :)  

  • Chris Elliott

    Love it!!!! So glad to finally see this turnaround. This was a very inspired piece. I can tell by our recent conversations as well as your strikingly positive tone throughout. Very well written! I love this blog dude. Keep it up!!

    • Anonymous

      Glad you enjoyed it, bask in the sunshine while it’s still beaming… LOL! You know the clouds always come back. Until then, some good ol Vitamin D. 

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