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Dino De Laurentiis

The point of “My Life at the Movies,” has and always will be to utilize the language of cinema as a means of discussing my life.

With that said I would like to take some time to tell you about one of cinema’s greatest linguists: Dino De Laurentiis. On November 10th, 2010 Dino De Laurentiis passed away at the age of 91. This Italian born producer made over 150 films in his 70 years; however, there is one in particular that will forever be close to my heart.

For those who have read mlatm I wonder if you will be surprised by the following; my favorite movie of all time is “Conan the Barbarian!” From my first viewing as a child, to my umpteenth the other day, Conan has always been the most impressionable piece of celluloid I’ve ever seen.

Recently I’ve even woven treasured patches of said film into the cloth that is “The Love Trilogy.” I scored “Single” with an original piece from Conan entitled “The Leaving/The Search.” Furthermore, the Valkyrie painting included in “Hopeless Romantic” was inspired by the role of Valeria, Conan’s star-crossed lover.

Besides the impressive soundtrack and formidable female lead, Conan the Barbarian is a well-rounded masterpiece no film-buff should miss; and Dino De Laurentiis is the one who helped transform Robert E. Howard’s pulp fiction into a cinematic gem.

Shortly after Dino’s passing the star of Conan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was quoted saying:

Dino always treated me like a son and gave me my first big break in the movie business with Conan the Barbarian, which launched my career. Dino always said you need three things in life: brains, heart and balls, and I hope I’ve exemplified that advice throughout my career.

Valuable advice! With mind-melds like Dune; emotional successes like Serpico; and risky ventures like Barbarella, there is no question Dino followed his creed. For doing exactly that I’d like to pay my respects to him and his family: Thank you Mr. De Laurentiis, thank you for being such a major player in my life at the movies.


  • Anonymous

    Man, sad day when he died. if people ain’t hipped to know who Dino was they betta ask somebody! My father always waxed logic on him and once I saw Conan as a child my life was never the same.

    Great piece man, this is 100% my fav one because it hits so close to home.

    RIP Dino!

    • Anonymous

      He is literally one of the greatest finance men to ever make movies. I wish I could have went in on my love for Dune, but hopefully this brief introduction to Conan will suffice. It is nice to know that a man of this talent lived a full life and will have his legacy forever continue on in film.

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